3.0 Turnkey Puppy Training, Holidays 2023!

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Turnkey Puppy Timing!

All Upcoming Puppies will be Arriving in October ‘23 and Ready to Start Training in December ‘23 which means you currently have Training and Litter Options!
Did someone say Training Options?
  • Option 1: Puppy Starts training on puppy pick day, as scheduled. You can pick up your puppy from training to accommodate “The Epic Puppy Reveal” aka Hanukkah, Christmas, Graduation, Birthday, Anniversary, etc. After a day or two/week at home with you/family, which is up to you, you’d bring your puppy back to us to complete Turnkey (or any level) Puppy Training! While this may seem like a lot for a puppy to handle, it’s actually ideal for many reasons we will review on puppy pick day. Briefly, ideally your puppy will be in different environments and with different people daily during the initial 4 months and, at minimum, weekly thereafter. This is the recipe for a “Happy Go Lucky”, easy-going, obedient and well trained adult dog!
  • Option 2: Puppy starts training on puppy pick day, as scheduled. On puppy pick day, you’d take an adorable video of your new puppy! Use wrapping paper to make your TV into a giant gift. Press “play” when the guest(s) of honor (gently) open it! Let them know puppy is at training and then unwrap a calendar to track the days until training is over! We will be socializing your puppy as part of their training so they will experience new environments and people with us but also with you, only after training is complete!
Ya Ya! We Love Options too!”


Why are Turn Key Puppies so Popular? Many many hard working individuals would LOVE to have a puppy but lack the necessary time to properly train and socialize him/her. Many people have no experience at all with dogs or puppies but would very much like to have a Bernedoodle join their family. Regardless of your experience or time constraints, we have you covered at MBD UNIVERSITY!

“Pick Your Puppy” Turnkey Program: You choose your own Puppy on any Puppy Pick Day, with an opening, and then enroll your puppy in our Turnkey Puppy any level of training! Our precious puppies are never left alone as we always have one of our dedicated employees on-site, 24/7, to ensure safety, continuous training and excellent care.

F1b Chocolate Tri Colored Mini Bernedoodles ready to go home in Dec. 2023!

We have finished our “Honeymoons” for puppies arriving in October and Ready to Start Foundations Training in December, following Puppy Pick Day! Ideally, for Turnkey Training, you’d allow 9 weeks for a turnkey trained puppy. However, given Mother Nature’s timing this year we will help you coordinate trainig and take home so it works for you! This is a fantastic and safe solution for your duringy and/or New Years Plans! What a fantastic way to CELEBRATE THE NEW YEAR!

This year, ALL Fall ‘23 puppies will be turning 8 weeks old sometime between late November and Late December. Depending on which list you choose, we anticipate puppies will start training, return home for the big day and then come back to training to complete training. We do have openings currently for December puppies and encourage early reservations considering the time of year and that several litters will be going home, some with just a few days between. Space will be limited.

A Turnkey Trained Puppy will….

  • Be house trained and comfortable in their crate. No crying, howling, barking etc.
  • Know obedience commands including Sit, Stay, Leave it, Wait, Place, Look, Heel, Down, Leash Manners and beginner level for “Here” (off leash recall)! Wow
  • Have great leash etiquette/manners and will be trained to walk on one side of their human without any crossing in front of your feet or pulling. Good Dog!
  • Have had all age appropriate vaccinations, maintained on flea/tick preventative and maintained on Heartworm prevention during their time at training
  • Come with a one-on-one Take Home Training Lesson with our trainer and your puppy at the end of training! This is so you can learn the commands that your puppy is familiar with and so you can continue practicing at home. You will confidently know how to maintain or even progress their training, once at home!
  • AND.. You will have support from our trainers and from the breeder should you need advise down the road. More details at the bottom of this page!

December ‘23 Puppy Availability

Click HERE for Mila and Gordo’s F2 Mini Bernedoodles
Click HERE for Talulah and Hendrix’s F1b Tiny Bernedoodles
Click HERE for Millie and Prince Caspian’s F1 Mini Goldendoodles
Click HERE for Amy and Trey’s F1 Standard Bernedoodles

For more details about the Individual levels & the “Al la Carte” Puppy Board & Training menu, Click HERE!

Not sure which list coincides with the color and size puppy you’d like? Click HERE!

Click HERE to fill out the Puppy Application!

If you would like more details about training, Turnkey Training or our future selections for the Turn Key Puppy program for 2023-2024, or if you would like to choose your own puppy from an upcoming litter, for TurnKey Training, please contact me! I am happy to assist you. Kim can be reached at 774-452-5567

Scroll down to see some of our Turnkey Graduates!

If you would like more details about training or our future selections for the Turn Key Puppy program for 2023-2024, or if you would like to choose your own puppy from an upcoming litter, for TurnKey Training, please contact me! I’m more than happy to assist you. Kim can be reached at 774-452-5567





Colors: Brown and Blue Merle (black/Gray) Gender: Female Adult Size: Approximately 20-30lbs fully grown Current Weight: 11lbs Type: F1b Mini Bernedoodle


Colors: Blue Merle Tri-Colored with Blue Eyes Gender: Female Adult Size: Approximately 30-40lbs when fully grown Current Weight: 11lbs Type: F1 Mini Bernedoodle

Cassio is Reserved!

Color: Mostly White with Blue Merle Markings and Hazel Eyes! Gender: Male Adult Size: Micro ~15-25lbs when fully grown Current Weight: 18lbs Photo Taken 12/30/2022 Type: F1b Micro Bernedoodle


Colors: All White with Green Eyes Gender: Female Adult Size: Approximately 15-25lbs when fully grown Current Weight: 11lbs Photo Taken: Dec. 14. 2022 Type: F1b Mini Bernedoodle


Color: Mostly Whitewith Blue Merle Markings with Hazel eyes! Gender: Male Adult Size: Micro ~15-25lbs when fully grown Current Weight: 12lbs Photo Taken 11/30/2022 Type: F1b Micro Bernedoodle

Jules is Reserved!

Color: Dark Chocolate and White with brown eyes Gender: Female Adult Size: Mini/Medium ~30-45lbs Current Weight: 16lbs Photo Taken 11/27/22 Type: F1b Mini Bernedoodle


Color: Mostly Whitewith Red Merle Markings, one hazel eye and one Green! Gender: Male Adult Size: Small Mini ~20-30lbs when fully grown Current Weight: 10lbs Photo Taken 10/31/2022 Type: F1b Small Mini Bernedoodle

Turn Key Puppy Training includes:

Foundations Training

• Crate training (main focus)

• House/potty training (main focus)

• Socialization (basic)

• Beginning muscle memory training including heel, sit and down

Associates of Hospitality

• Continued socialization including Cats and other dogs, home environments, new places and more car rides

• Continued crate/house training

• Exposure to brushing, bathing and basic grooming needs

• Riding in the car, stores, cats, kids

• Busy, crowded and noisy places

• Marker/Reward Training Introduced for Manners

• Additional Obedience introduced Heel, Sit, Look, Down, and Wait

• Harness/Leash Comfortability, Leash Manners and Walking

Bachelor Basic Obedience

• Obedience becomes the primary focus, positive reinforcement of commands, heel, sit, down and stay

• Introduce additional commands Leave It, Place and Come/Here, Leash Manners, beginning off-leash Recall training

• Practice obedience around distractions (real life) in busy places

• Impulse Control around distractions such as moving objects (cars), other dogs/cats, squirrels, food and more!

Turn Key Puppy

• Continued positive reinforcement of all obedience commands with Duration added

• Continued reinforcement of House Training, Crate Training, Leash Manners, Commands: Place, Look, Stay Come, Sit, Down, Leave It and Wait

• Socialization with tempting distractions such as cats, kids and cars. Socialization in various places around town. Desensitization from loud noises like thunder, trucks and fireworks

All Vaccinations up to date and recorded on his/her health certificate, a 1:1 Lesson with the Trainer upon pick up so you will know how to continue training at home and a direct line to the trainers should you have any questions!