1. Turn Key Trained Puppies

MBD University!


We have 2 Turnkey Puppies Available!


Kenny the Great just graduated from our TURNKEY MD PROGRAM!! Congratulations Kenny!

Kenny! 10 months old, Turn Key MD Trained, Neutered and ready to find his Furever family! Scroll down to see his profile!


Lucy is an 14 week old, Traditional Tri Colored Mini Bernedoodle! AVAILABLE to reserve! She has completed Foundations and Level 3 Training and is now into Turnkey Puppy Training!

Lucy is a people pleaser! She loves training, loves to go on walks and loves to cuddle. She’s the perfect companion! Lucy is up to date on her vaccinations and she will be ready to go home June 22, 2023!

Click HERE for more pictures and videos!

Lucy’s 5/30/23 Training Video!

Or inquire for more information at puppyinquiries@mabernedoodles.com

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“Pick Your Puppy” Turnkey Program: You can also choose your own Puppy on Puppy Pick Day and then enroll him/her in our Turnkey Training program! Our precious puppies would never left alone. We always have one of our dedicated employees on-site, 24/7, to ensure safety, continuous training and excellent care.

Why are Turn Key Puppies so Pupular? Many many hard working individuals would LOVE to have a puppy but lack the time and/or knowledge to train and socialize a puppy properly. Other folks have no experience at all with dogs or puppies but would very much like to have a Bernedoodle join their family. Regardless of your experience or time constraints, we have you covered at

MBD University!

Check out Kenny the Great in one of his training videos!

But first, a video highlighting Kenny the Great!

Kenny the Great demonstrates “Fetch” and “Place”

* S/he will be completely house trained and comfortable in their crate

* S/he will know obedience commands including Sit, Stay, Leave it, Wait, Place, Look, Heel, Down, Leash Manners and beginner level for “Here” (off leash recall)! Wow!

* S/he will be socialized with many new people, other types of animals, new environments, busy streets and loud sounds. Training includes desensitization to the most common anxiety provoking scenarios for dogs including thunder, various surfaces when walking, crowded places, thunder, children, sudden loud noises and busy streets. Training also includes socialization with cats, stores, car rides and, of course, lots of other dogs! Special requests accepted!

* S/he will have great leash etiquette/manners and will be trained to walk on one side of their human without any crossing in front of your feet or pulling. Good Dog!

* S/he will come home updated on all vaccinations, based on age.

* S/he will come with a one-on-one Take Home Training Lesson with our trainer and your puppy at the end of training! This is so you can learn the commands your puppy is familiar with and to continue practicing at home. You will confidently know how to maintain or even progress their training, once at home!

* You will have support from our trainers and from the breeder should you need advise down the road. More details at the bottom of this page!

Skills Demonstrated in this video: Place, Stay & Here (= Recall!), Sit, Down, Place, Leave it and “Look” See videos below to see the tricks Kenny has learned!

If you would like more details about training or our future selections for the Turn Key Puppy program for 2022-2023, or if you would like to choose your own puppy from an upcoming litter, for TurnKey Training, please contact us! We are happy to assist you. Kim can be reached at 774-452-5567

Kenny is a NON SHEDDING F1b Micro Bernedoodle and hand picked by the breeder! Please visit the Pawrents page to see descriptions of mom and dad!

Kenny the Great is AVAILABLE as of June 2023!

Color: White SWISS Bernedoodle, Pure White! Eyes: Hazel Points: Brown/Liver Gender: Male Adult Size: Micro ~20-25 when fully grown Current Weight: 22lbs Age: 8 months old Photo Taken 3/5/2023 Type: F1b Micro Bernedoodle Training Level: Turnkey Expressions: PRICELESS!

Birthday: July 11, 2022

Kenny aka “Mr. Smiles” is Available! Kenny is a “travel Sized” Micro Bernedoodle! At 11 months old, he is 22lbs and fully grown! Kenny can Fly in the cabin of an airplane with you! Kenny was selected for “Turnkey Doctorates” Training based on his calm, soothing temperament, the pure joy he brings and he loves to learn! Kenny loves to be with the family! He adores children and other dogs. He can keep up on a hike like any big dog too but is just as content to sit and watch a movie! Kenny is the BEST!

Kenny is very outgoing, intelligent and loves to smile, as you can see in his photos! He’s a known for his hilarious and strangely appropriate expressions, calm temperament, warm cuddles and he always wants to be around people! If you would like a very well behaved, smart, travel sized dog, Kenny is your little man! Kenny has been neutered as well! Check out his new tricks in this video!

“Kenny…Roll over!” In this video, Kenny demonstrates Place, Recall, Sit and Roll over!

Kenny believes, with all of his heart, that he is a big dog but he’s just a little guy at just 18lbs! He’s expected to be approximately 20-25lbs when fully grown. He’s a sweetheart and very very FLOOFY! What an amazing coat Kenny has. He is absolutely GORGEOUS and so soft! Kenny is called a “Swiss Bernedoodle” after the white snowy capped mountains of Switzerland.

Check out Kenny’s Training Video!

Sit, Heel, Down, Place, Stay and Fetch in under one minute!
Kenny at 6 months old! Still Travel Sized! Photo Taken: 1/9/23
Always Happy!

Kenny is now onto learning fun tricks in this video!

Demonstrated in this video: Sit, Stay, Here (Recall!!) and roll over!

More of Kenny’s Personality!

Kenny loves to play fetch! Watch his video below!
Kenny Socializing the Puppies in Training… a great mentor!
Vaccinations are up to date! Rabies vaccination administered 12/20/22! All set until next December 2023!

Kenny’s Volhard Puppy Temperament Test Results!

Kenny playing FETCH!

Scroll down to see what is included in our Turnkey Program!



Colors: Brown and Blue Merle (black/Gray) Gender: Female Adult Size: Approximately 20-30lbs fully grown Current Weight: 11lbs Type: F1b Mini Bernedoodle


Colors: Blue Merle Tri-Colored with Blue Eyes Gender: Female Adult Size: Approximately 30-40lbs when fully grown Current Weight: 11lbs Type: F1 Mini Bernedoodle

Cassio is Reserved!

Color: Mostly White with Blue Merle Markings and Hazel Eyes! Gender: Male Adult Size: Micro ~15-25lbs when fully grown Current Weight: 18lbs Photo Taken 12/30/2022 Type: F1b Micro Bernedoodle


Colors: All White with Green Eyes Gender: Female Adult Size: Approximately 15-25lbs when fully grown Current Weight: 11lbs Photo Taken: Dec. 14. 2022 Type: F1b Mini Bernedoodle


Color: Mostly Whitewith Blue Merle Markings with Hazel eyes! Gender: Male Adult Size: Micro ~15-25lbs when fully grown Current Weight: 12lbs Photo Taken 11/30/2022 Type: F1b Micro Bernedoodle

Jules is Reserved!

Color: Dark Chocolate and White with brown eyes Gender: Female Adult Size: Mini/Medium ~30-45lbs Current Weight: 16lbs Photo Taken 11/27/22 Type: F1b Mini Bernedoodle


Color: Mostly Whitewith Red Merle Markings, one hazel eye and one Green! Gender: Male Adult Size: Small Mini ~20-30lbs when fully grown Current Weight: 10lbs Photo Taken 10/31/2022 Type: F1b Small Mini Bernedoodle

Turn Key Puppy Training includes:

Foundations Training

• Crate training (main focus)

• House/potty training (main focus)

• Socialization (basic)

• Beginning muscle memory training including heel, sit and down

Associates of Hospitality

• Continued socialization including Cats and other dogs, home environments, new places and more car rides

• Continued crate/house training

• Exposure to brushing, bathing and basic grooming needs

• Riding in the car, stores, cats, kids

• Busy, crowded and noisy places

• Marker/Reward Training Introduced for Manners

• Additional Obedience introduced Heel, Sit, Look, Down, and Wait

• Harness/Leash Comfortability, Leash Manners and Walking

Bachelor Basic Obedience

• Obedience becomes the primary focus, positive reinforcement of commands, heel, sit, down and stay

• Introduce additional commands Leave It, Place and Come/Here, Leash Manners, beginning off-leash Recall training

• Practice obedience around distractions (real life) in busy places

• Impulse Control around distractions such as moving objects (cars), other dogs/cats, squirrels, food and more!

Turn Key Puppy

• Continued positive reinforcement of all obedience commands with Duration added

• Continued reinforcement of House Training, Crate Training, Leash Manners, Commands: Place, Look, Stay Come, Sit, Down, Leave It and Wait

• Socialization with tempting distractions such as cats, kids and cars. Socialization in various places around town. Desensitization from loud noises like thunder, trucks and fireworks

All Vaccinations up to date and recorded on his/her health certificate, a 1:1 Lesson with the Trainer upon pick up so you will know how to continue training at home and a direct line to the trainers should you have any questions!