2.1 Standard F1 Bernedoodle Puppies, Available December 2023


JOIN US ON THE EPIC JOURNEY FROM BIRTH TO GOTCHA DAY through the lense of our 24/7 Live Puppy Cameras! You will see ALL of the behind the scenes action that goes into raising puppies and taking care of Postpartum momma dogs! Transparent, Educational and Entertaining!

Traditional Tri Colored

Litters sired by Trey will Look Like this Bernedoodle Puppy above! Traditional Tri-Colored Puppies!

Steps to Adoption: 1. Fill out the adoption application with the name of the puppy you’d like! 2. I will reply with approval, in most cases! 3. Next, you’d send the $500 deposit via PayPal 4. We schedule your pick up date!


DUE ~Oct 21, 2023. GOTCHA DAY ~ DEC 21, 2023!

Amy & Sargent Pepper’s F1 Standard Bernedoodles are due the week of October 21, 2023 with an approximate Take Home date of December 21, 2023, by appointment only and without any training added. 2nd, 3rdPOL, 4thPOL (require premium) and 6th-7th picks (regular $500 deposit) are OPEN!

To reserve a spot on this waitlist, fill out the adoption application, wait for the approval and send a deposit (and premium, if applicable) via the PayPal button on the deposit page! We also accept venmo deposits! You will then receive a confirmation email and access to our exclusive channels of communication!

These beautiful puppies will be 50/50 Bernese and Poodle. They will weigh approximately 45-65lbs. The perfect amount of Goofy Fluffy Love! December take home timeframe is Great timing for Winter Season Socialization and for THE SUPERBOWL season!

If you would like to add any of our training levels, we DO have availability but the spots will fill fast due to the season! Simply add those weeks to the approximate puppy pick date of approximately 12/21/23 to see when you’d pick up your puppy from training then email me! OR start Training after the holidays!

Please see the Puppy Pricing Page & to learn what a POL is! Please add X number of weeks of training, if desired, when planning your ideal take home timeframe. Click HERE for the adoption application and HERE to place a deposit!