2. F1 Standard Bernedoodle Puppies

January 30, 2023

Rigby, Amy and Mya have honeymooned with Sargent Pepper and are Due January and February 2023, They will all have Traditional Tri-Colored, Sable Tri-Colored and Brindle Tri/Colored Puppies! See Examples Below…

As Adults, all puppies sired by Sargent Pepper will Look Like these Bernedoodles! Traditional Tri, Sable Tri and Brindle Tri-Colored Puppies!

“Traditional Tri-Colored” F1 Bernedoodle

Introducing Rigby and Sargent Pepper’s “Grateful Dead” Bernedoodle Puppies!

Birthday: January 16, 2023

5 Girls and 3 Boys!

A proud 1st time mama of Octuplets!

Medium F1 Standard Bernedoodles

Rigby delivered her 8 healthy puppies on January 16, 2023! Take Home will be Mid-March 2023! 50/50 Bernese and Poodle, these puppies will be approximately 55-65lbs of floofy fluffy love!

January 16, 2023

I make dis’?
I DID make dis’!!

An X-ray is captured one week prior to the due date so we know how many to look for during labor!

The little skulls and spines are puppies!

Rigby’s Pregnancy Ultrasound Video!

The Big bubble is her bladder. The little bubbles are puppies!

Amy and Sargent Pepper Born January 28, 2022

Another proud Mama!

Large F1 Standards 65-90+lbs

Birthday: January 28, 2022 Girls 3, Boys 4

Amy and Sargent Pepper’s F1 Bernedoodle babies arrived January 28, 2023 and will be ready to go home Early April 2023! 50/50 Bernese and Poodle, these puppies will be approximately 65-90lbs of Goofy Love!


Debut Video (Newborn!)

Newborn Video

Amy’s Pregnancy Ultrasound Video!

The little bubbles are puppies!

Amy’s X-Ray Shows 8-9 Pups!

Mya & Sargent Pepper Due the week of March 18, 2023

Large F1 Standard Bernedoodles ~65-90lbs

Mya and Sargent Pepper Honeymooned and are due the week of March 18, 2023 with take home the week of May 13. 2023! 50/50 Bernese and Poodle, these puppies will be approximately 55-65lbs of Goofy Love!

Interested in joining the Waitlist?

Please Inquire via the “puppy adoption form” page and we will get back to you right away! These puppies will be $6000.00 plus MA 6.25% tax. POL’s (see pricing page) may be available. Once your deposit is received, we will send you a confirmation email within 12-24 hrs (probably sooner). This email will contain lots of information including the many ways to stay up to date!

The puppies below are Fee and Sargent Pepper’s puppies that went home late October 2022. These puppies represent what our F1 Standard Bernedoodles look like at 8 weeks old! Traditional Tri-colored, Sable Tri-Colored and Brindle Tri-Colored! Please scroll down to see what these colors look like as adult Bernedoodles!

Proud Papa, Sargent Pepper! Super Smaaaat!
And Fee! Retiring after this litter and a fantastic mom and dog. Such a love bug! This is Fee acting like a loaf of bread… lol

Introducing Fee and Sargent Pepper’s F1 Standard Bernedoodles!

We are 7 weeks old! Almost time to go home!

Birthday August 28, 2022

Fee and her newborns!
Pre Training Camp with Dave the Trainer!

Weeee are EIGHT Weeks Old! We have all gone home to our furever families! Raleigh is due in November 2022!

Tri Brindle
Traditional Tri-Colored
Tri Brindle
Traditional Tri-Colored
Traditional Tri-Colored
Traditional Tri-Colored
Tri Brindle
Tri Sable

Waiting may be hard but it’ll be worth it!

The Little Bums…
Sunday Funday! One week until we meet our Furever Families!


“Love at first sight” 

Traditional Tri-Color (Below)

Sable Tri-Color (Below)

Brindle Tri-Color (stunning…below)