2. Turn Key Trained Puppies, Home For The Holidays!

November 28-29, 2022


BLACK FRIDAY PROMOTION: Emotional Support Animal Test and Certification for just $500! Includes: certificate, official ESA Vest, ESA ID’s for puppy and owner and official registration! Promotion ends Monday at Midnight!

WEEEEEE ARE AVAILABLE to reserve now, just in time for the HOLIDAYS! Ho Ho Ho!

Our Turn Key Bernedoodles are pre trained prior to taking your puppy home at our very own MBD University! They are never left alone as someone is always on-site to ensure safety. Why are Turn Key Puppies so Pupular? Many many hard working individuals would LOVE to have a puppy but lack the time and/or knowledge to train and/or socialize a puppy properly. Other folks have no experience at all with dogs or puppies but would very much like to have a Bernedoodle join their family. Regardless of your circumstances, we have you covered at

MBD University

Tis’ The Season for a VERY special delivery! Your very own Turn Key Bernedoodle puppy will join your family with the following accomplishments:

* S/he will be completely house trained and comfortable in their crate

* S/he will know obedience commands including Sit, Stay, Leave it, Wait, Place, Look, Heel, Down, Leash Manners and beginner level for “Here” (off leash)! Wow!

* S/he will be socialized with many environments, situations and sounds. This includes desensitization to the most common anxiety provoking scenarios for dogs, such as thunder, sudden loud noises and busy streets. It also includes socialization with cats, kids, stores, car rides and, of course, other dogs!

* S/he will have great leash etiquette/manners and will be trained to walk on one side of their human without any pulling. Good Dog!

* S/he will remain updated on all vaccinations, based on their age and your veterinarians recommendations

* S/he will come with a one-on-one lesson at the end of training, with our trainer and your puppy! This is so you can learn the commands your puppy is familiar with. You will confidently know how to maintain and/or progress his/her training once at home

* You will receive 3 follow up lessons either in-home, at MBD or virtually, depending on your location.

**Certified Emotional Support Animal option available!**

* You will have support from our trainers and from the breeder should you need advise down the road. More details at the bottom of this page!

Going away for the Holidays? No problem. The timing for pick up is anytime between November 30, 2022 and January 2, 2023! Additional training levels are also available!

If you would like to find out about pricing, our future selections for the Turn Key Puppy program for 2022-2023, or if you would like to choose a different puppy for Turn Key, please contact us! We are happy to assist you. Elisa can be reached at 978-956-4838 M-F 8AM-4PM EST.

All of these puppies are NON SHEDDING F1b Bernedoodles and hand picked by the breeder and trainer! Please visit the Pawrents page to see descriptions of our moms and dads!

We Begin with Foundations Training and end at Turn Key Puppy! Click the video to see a lesson in Action!

KYLIE AND JACOB’s Small Mini Turn Key Bernedoodles Have Been Chosen!

Kylie (mom), Mocha and Siblings!

Birthday: July 29, 2022


Colors: Brown and Blue Merle (black/Gray) Gender: Female Adult Size: Approximately 20-30lbs fully grown Current Weight: 11lbs

Mocha is a stunning Blue Merle with Brown markings! She’s a female from Kylie and Jacob’s F1b litter! Their litter was a combination Mini and Micro litter of eight puppies. Mocha was selected because of her beautiful coloring, playful yet calm personality, trainability and for her size which will be approximately 20-30lbs when fully grown! She is one smart cookie!

Mocha has completed Foundations Training, Associates in Hospitality, Bachelor of Manners and is currently working on the last two weeks of Turn Key Training at MBD UNIVERSITY!

Socialization at Home Depot on 11/26/22
Sunset Photo 10/31/2022
11/26/22 Training with distractions at Home Depot!
Stunning! A Blue Merle with Brown Markings! 10 weeks old
See my training video below! I’m so smart!
Mocha’s Training Video October 20, 2022
All Vaccinations, Flea/Tick and Heartworm Preventatives are current!

BUTTONS AND JACOB’s Micro Turn Key Bernedoodle Puppy Has Been Chosen!

Birthday: June 22, 2022


Colors: All White with Green Eyes Gender: Female Adult Size: Approximately 15-25lbs when fully grown Current Weight: 9lbs

Birthday June 23, 2022

Pearl is from Buttons and Jacob’s litter and she was one of 8 puppies! She is currently in the process of becoming a CERTIFIED EMOTIONAL SUPPORT ANIMAL! Pearl has been selected because she is a SWISS BERNEDOODLE, as white and beautiful as the snowy mountain tops of Switzerland! She was also selected for her calm temperament, superior intelligence and she is a Travel Sized Micro. She truly has the perfect temperament for an emotional support animal (ESA)! The Trifecta!

Pearl’s November 16, 2022 Training Video! What a smart puppy!

Pearl has completed Foundations Training, Associates in Hospitality, Bachelor of Manners and is currently working on the last two weeks of Turn Key Training at MBD UNIVERSITY!

All Vaccinations, Flea/Tick and Heartworm Preventatives are current!

What Will Pearl Look Like When She’s a Big Girl?

Pearl will look similar to this pup!
Slowwwww motion…Pearl! 11/2/22

Nyx AND JACOB’s Mini Bernedoodle Turn Key Puppy Has Been Chosen!

Birthday June 11, 2022


Color: Dark Chocolate and White with brown eyes Gender: Female Adult Size: Mini/Medium ~30-45lbs Current Weight: 14lbs Photo Taken 10/31/2022

JUNE Bug is a beautiful Mini Bernedoodle girl! She is currently in the process of becoming a CERTIFIED EMOTIONAL SUPPORT ANIMAL! She has been selected and is currently in training for our Turn Key Puppy Training Program because of her beautiful, sweet temperament, her dark chocolate and white patterning, her intelligence (wow is she smart!) and for her size. Mini’s are the most popular size for Bernedoodles!

June Bug’s November 16, 2022 Training Video!

June Bug has completed Foundations Training, Associates in Hospitality, Bachelor of Manners and is currently working on the last two weeks of Turn Key Training at MBD UNIVERSITY!

Ready to Play?
June Bug Video 10/18/2
All Vaccinations, Flea/Tick and Heartworm Preventatives are current!

Piper and Jacob’s F1b Mini Turn Key Bernedoodle Puppy Has Been Chosen!

Max Draco was one of Twelve puppies and the 1st Born!

Birthday July 14, 2022


Color: Mostly Whitewith Red Merle Markings, one hazel eye and one Green! Gender: Male Adult Size: Small Mini ~20-30lbs when fully grown Current Weight: 10lbs Photo Taken 10/31/2022

Max Draco is a white and Red Merle Male MICRO Bernedoodle! He actually looks like a sheepadoodle but without the hyper adolescent years that most doodles go through! Max has been selected because of his super calm temperament, love of playing fetch, sweetness, beautiful unique eyes and because he’s easily trained ie; he’s super smart! He definitely is a one of a kind guy but he was actually one of Twelve puppies! Max will weigh ~ 20-30lbs fully grown so right between a Micro and Mini = Small Mini! Below, you will see more pictures, playtime videos and a video of his training thus far!

Max’s Training Video Nov. 16, 2022

Max has completed Foundations Training, Associates in Hospitality, Bachelor of Manners and is currently working on the last two weeks of Turn Key Training at MBD UNIVERSITY!

I have very cool eyes! My nose will be all brown soon!
I look like a Teddy Bear!
Max’s Training Video #1 October 20, 2022
Max’s 10/4/22 Video.. It’s Max vs. The Octopus LOL

Frankie and Jacob’s F1 Mini Bernedoodle has been Chosen!

Birthday: September 13, 2022


Colors: Blue Merle Tri-Colored with Blue Eyes Gender: Female Adult Size: Approximately 30-40lbs when fully grown Current Weight: 11lbs

Lucy, formerly named “Fergie”, is a stunning Tri Colored Blue Merle Female with beautiful blue eyes! Lucy was selected as the pick of the litter because of her adorable personality, sweet nature and ability to pick up training commands. Lucy is confident and loves exploring new places, meeting new people and, of course, meeting new animals! She does very well with grooming and you can tell she loves wearing sweaters as she prances around happily. Watch her training video below!

Lucy’s November 22, 2022 Training Video!

Lucy has completed Foundations Training on November 9, 2022 and is currently working on her Associates in Hospitality, level 2 training. She is so smart, she already has excellent leash manners! She knows her basic obedience commands very well and is easily trained. Lucy will complete her training on December 21, 2022, right in time for Hanukkah or Christmas!

Formerly named Fergie, this is Lucy at 6 weeks old showing off her beautiful eyes!
Baby Blues
Lucy and her siblings enjoying a puppy smoothie when they were just 5 weeks old! Awwwweeee!

Turn Key Puppy Training includes:

Foundations Training

• Crate training (main focus)

• House/potty training (main focus)

• Socialization (basic)

• Beginning muscle memory training including heel, sit and down

Associates of Hospitality

• Continued socialization including Cats and other dogs, home environments, new places and more car rides

• Continued crate/house training

• Exposure to brushing, bathing and basic grooming needs

• Riding in the car

• Busy noisy streets

• Marker/Reward Training Introduced for Manners

• Additional Obedience introduced Heel, Sit, Down and wait or stay

• Harness/Leash Comfortability, Leash Manners and Walking

Bachelor Basic Obedience

• Obedience becomes the primary focus, positive reinforcement of commands, heel, sit, down and stay

• Introduce additional commands Place and Come/Here, Leash Manners, beginning off-leash training

• Practice obedience around distractions (real life)

• Impulse Control around moving objects, other dogs/cats, squirrels, cars, food and more!

Turn Key Puppy

• Continued positive reinforcement of all obedience commands with Duration added

• Continued reinforcement of House Training, Leash Manners, Commands: Place, Look, Stay Come, Sit, Down, Leave It and Wait

• Socialization with tempting distractions such as cats, kids and cars. Socialization in various places around town. Desensitization from loud noises like thunder, trucks and fireworks

All Vaccinations up to date and recorded on his/her health certificate, a 1:1 Lesson with the Trainer upon pick up so you will know how to continue training at home and a direct line to the trainers should you have any questions!

Optional: Emotional Support Animal Certification, ID’s for Puppy/Owner and ESA Harness, Leash and Collar for an additional fee