3. Available: Phantom and Blue Merle Mini Bernedoodles

March 20, 2023

A Valentine’s Heart!

Introducing Nebula and Hendrix’s F1 Mini Bernedoodles! (For Frankie/Jacob, scroll down)

Nebula and Hendrix have welcomed their Traditional Tri-Colored and Black/Brown “Phantom” F1 Mini Bernedoodles!

WE HAVE 3 OPENINGS ON THIS LIST for PHANTOMS! !The 7th, 8th and 9th picks are open on Nebula’s list! Which one will be the 7th, 8th and 9th puppy? We won’t know until Gotcha day! Click HERE! Or scroll to the bottom of this page.

Nebula and Hendrix have welcomed their puppies on January 30, 2023! Gotcha Day will be the last week of March 2023. These puppies will be approximately 30-45lbs fully grown. Please view her profile on the “Meet the Mom’s” page. We ARE accepting applications!

Please join me in welcoming Hendrix, our Phantom Toy Poodle dad! This is his very first litter! Mazel Tov, Hendrix! Take home timeframe is for Late March 2023!

Birthday: January 30, 2023, 4 Weeks Old!

The most adorable video ever…

Nebula’s puppies cleaning each other after having a puppy smoothie!

A Candid Video of these beauties at 7 Weeks Old!

Socialization and learning “gentle” with humans video!

“I kiss humans?”

Please Inquire via the “puppy adoption form” page and we will get back to you right away! These puppies will be $6500.00 plus MA 6.25% tax. POL’s (see pricing page) may be available. Once your deposit is received, we will send you a confirmation email within 12-24 hrs (probably sooner). This email will contain lots of information including the many ways to stay up to date!

Coming Soon!

Frankie and Jacob’s F1 Mini Bernedoodles, Spring 2023

Colors: Blue Merle and Black/White Tuxedo

Anticipated to arrive May 11, 2023 with Take Home approximately July 6, 2023

Mini F1 Bernedoodles will weigh approximately 20-40lbs fully grown. Jacob’s puppies are all either Blue Merle Tri-Colored or black/white Tuxedo’s! Hendrix’s puppies we anticipate will be Traditional Tri-Colored Bernedoodles! Please see our F2 Mini Page for more non-shedding or unfurnished traditional Tri-colored and lighter coat availability.

Jacob consistently produces Blue Merle Tri’s and Black/White Tuxedo puppies. If you like the Blue Merle Tri-Colored Mini Bernedoodles, you’ll want Jacob to be the daddy! See Frankie’s litter below for examples of what Jacob’s babies look like!

What is a “POL” aka “Pick of the Litter” Spot? What is the premium amount for each spot?

Great Questions! POL stands for “Pick of the Litter” and is defined as one of the top 4 picks in the litter!

“The Home Run” is 1st POL (1st pick of the litter), when available, Is an additional $2500. This spot allows you to have ALL of the puppies to choose from! This is a great spot to have if you have specific preferences or needs for gender, markings, colors and personality. It’s also a great spot to have if you’re planning to train you puppy to become a service or support animal.

“On Deck” is 2nd POL, when available, is an additional $2000. This is usually the 1st male pick but not always. However, it can be (if you choose) the 1st pick for one or the other gender. This is a also great spot to have if you have specific preferences or needs.

“The Power Hitter” is 3rd POL and, when available, is an additional $1500 This is the 2nd pick for a girl or boy or 1st pick for a girl or boy IF both 1st and 2nd POL’s choose the same gender puppy!

“The Fenway Special” is the 4th POL and, when available, is an additional $1000. This spot guarantees the 4th pick in a specific litter of your choice!

Please Note: The POL premium amount is in addition to the price of your puppy and does not come off the balance on puppy pick/gotcha day. Rather, the premium is for “skipping the line” and for having a guaranteed specific spot on a specific list. The $500 deposit does, however, come off the balance which is due on gotcha day. Puppy pick spots #5 through the last pick of the litter (always the best!) require only the $500 deposit.

Frankie and Jacob’s Previous Litter!

Did someone say 8 babies?!?
Settling right into motherhood!

Frankie’s 6 Week Video!

They’re just the sweetest little things…

Frankie had 2 girls and 6 Boys on September 13, 2022

Six week photos! See more candid photos below too!

My name is Ford and I’m going places. Vote Ford for President!
I wuff you
I look like I’m going to a masquerade ball, my nose is heart shaped and my face is adorably floofy! Who am I?
My nose will fill in all black 🙂 just takes time since we are all born with pink noses! I will also have a HUGE white FLOOF when my hair grows out!
Yes, my nose is a triangle due to my black freckles! I look very childlike hehe
Hi! I have one blue eye and one multi colored eye! So does my daddy!
Put me in Coach! Check out my cheek markings! That’s going to look very cool when my hair grows out!
I seriously didn’t know dogs could have “bedroom eyes” …until I met Fergie
What do puppies dream of? Lol

Candid Camera at 5.5 weeks old!

The Blue Eye… contrasted with black around it is stunning.
I cutie pie?
Meal Time!