4.1 Exclusive VIP Live Puppy Cameras!

Please fill out a puppy adoption application and/or e-mail Kim at Puppyinquiries@mabernedoodles.com. You may also call/text 774-452-5567. For the adoption application, please click here.

Exclusive to MBD and our customers, we are the only completely transparent breeder nationwide to offer 8 full weeks of live streaming access to our live 24/7 puppy cameras! The quality of care given to our dogs and puppies is yours to enjoy all the way from birth through to “Gotcha Day” at 8 weeks old. There’s no guessing as to your pups life experience between 0-8 weeks old because you get to see it all in real time, live, ANYtime of the day or night. Yes, you will see “puppy poop parties” but, of course, you know puppies poop!

We are proud of our work here at MBD and we would love for you to be an active part of the journey to bringing your new fur baby home. We strive to lead by example and hope other breeders will be as transparent as we are! It’s very important to know what happens to your puppy in the first 8 weeks of life as this experience will shape who they become as adult dogs.