1.4 Furnished & Unfurnished Bernedoodle Puppies

Furnished vs. Perfectly Unfurnished Bernedoodles

Perfectly Unfurnished Openings: We have TWO current openings for Unfurnished Bernedoodle Puppies in MILA’s Litter, going home or to training on Dec. 5, 2023. Two of the Five puppies below will be available on 12/5/23, by appointment only.


For Mila’s 5 perfectly Unfurnished Mini Bernedoodle Babies, the 8th & 9th Puppy Pick Spots are OPEN for December 5, 2023 Puppy Pick Day, by appointment only. Click HERE to apply!

Unfurnished Doodle” Defined: Unfurnished means “without furnishings around the mouth and beard”

Furnished Doodle” Defined; Furnished means “with Furnishings around the mouth and Beard“

Pictured: Unfurnished Sable Tri Bernedoodle

How will I know if I’ll like the Unfurnished Bernedoodle?

People who love Berners but want a longer life and less shedding LOVE ❤️ the unfurnished bernedoodles. Benefits of an Unfurnished Bernedoodle: They are Low Shedding, require much less maintenance and they look more like a Bernese vs poodle but have the same hybrid vigour (longer life). If you don’t like the fluff and you aren’t allergic to low shedding dogs, an unfurnished bernedoodle may be a great fit for you! Scroll down for examples!

Think of it This Way:

Unfurnished = NOT Fluffy, Low Shedding & looks more like a Berner.


WE HAVE TWO UNFURNISHED PUPPIES GOING HOME ON 12/5/23? Unfurnished Bernedoodles are Gorgeous! Click HERE to see MILA’S puppies!

No Fluff around muzzle and feet, Low Shedding, much lower coat Maintenance & look more like a Bernese Mountain dog ALL have hybrid vigor!

Occurrence of the Unfurnished Doodles: You’ll find them ONLY in F2 Litters and ONLY in Approximately 20% of most F2 (Only) litters. F2 is defined as “2nd generation” meaning both parents are F1 Bernedoodles.

Q. I would like an Unfurnished Bernedoodle! Which List Should I Join?

A. ANY F2 BERNEDOODLE LIST! Click HERE to go to the F2 page


Furnished = Fluff around nose and paws, Non Shedding & looks more like a “Doodle”

Furnished = Fluffy & Non Shedding: Found in 100% of F1’s, 80% of F2’s and 100% of F1b litters. Each F1 Bernedoodle parent has one furnished gene, from the poodle side, and one unfurnished gene from the Berner side. Puppies only need to inherit ONE copy of the gene for Furnishings and they will be Fully Furnished. & Non Shedding. When approx 1 out or 4 puppies in an F2 Litter (only) inherits the unfurnished gene, that puppy will be unfurnished and low shedding. F2 litters ONLY may have approximately 20% Unfurnished, Low Shedding Puppies that look more like a Bernese Mtn. Dog than a Poodle.

In Which Ways do they Differ?

Appearances: Unfurnished Bernedoodles are usually low shedding and have short fur around their muzzle, legs and feet. Furnished Bernedoodles have fluffy everywhere, they have hair, like we do, and they are non shedding.

Size Difference: Unfurnished Doodles are usually smaller than a Pure Bred Berner, even with the Standard’s and definitely the Mini’s. However, unfurnished Bernedoodles look and act more like a Bernese Mountain Dog! Unfurnished puppies are more likely to be low shedding vs. non shedding.

Are Unfurnished Doodles Hypoallergenic? Unfortunately, no.

No dogs are “hypoallergenic” because people can be allergic to Dog Fur, Danger and/or Saliva. Unfurnished Bernedoodles have Fur and are low shedding. The best option for people with allergies to dogs that shed are the F1b Furnished Bernedoodles.

Hybrid Vigor & Health

Health and Longevity start and end with the health of both parents genetics. Both Unfinished and Furnished Bernedoodles inherit the Hybrid Vigor from the Poodle side. Both Unfurnished and Furnished Bernedoodles have a much longer lifespan when compared to a pure Bernese Mountain Dog.

Sadly, Pure Bred Bernese Mountain Dogs and Golden Retrievers have been exposed to poor breeding practices for decades, leading to a heartbreaking impact; A short life span of approximately 6-8 years and a premature death from cancer, among other heritable diseases. The gene for furnishings is a dominant gene. Therefore, any puppy that inherits one Furnished gene from either parent, will be furnished & non shedding.

“I LOVE Bernese Mountain Dogs but I’m heartbroken, every time, when they die at such a young age. I want a puppy that looks like a Berner but has a longer life. How Can I make Sure I get an Unfurnished Puppy?”

If you want an Unfurnished Puppy, one that looks and acts more like a Bernese Mountain Dog but hybrid vigor, you would ONLY want to join the F2 list. All others litters and puppies, including 88% of F2 litters and 100% of F1 and F1b litters, will be Furnished and non shedding puppies. For an Unfurnished puppy, you’d join an F2 List and then, you’d be sure let me know your wishes!

Most families prefer furnished puppies for their allergy friendliness. However, when we have F2 litters, this is where about half of the customers want an unfurnished puppy. I usually recommend reserving a POL if you have a strong preference if any kind, including furnishings, color and/or gender. Temperament is never an issue as all of our puppies will have wonderful temperaments.

How Soon Can You Tell Between the Furnished and Unfurnished Puppies?

At 5-6 weeks old, we can tell which puppies will be furnished vs. unfurnished. This information would be announced to the families on this list so they know ahead of time, before puppy pick day.

“I LOVE Colors in the F2 Litters BUT I Definitely Want a Furnished Puppy. Should I Still Join the F2 List?

Only the F2 Litters may have unfurnished puppies in them. Starting with 100% of any F2 litter, approx 20% will be Unfurnished while the other approx 80%, in the same F2 litter, will be Furnished.

Approximately 80% of F2 litters are Furnished, Non Shedding, therefore, you may want to reserve a higher puppy pick spot so you would have choices on puppy pick day.. Alternatively, you can also choose any F1 or any F1b litter and every puppy will be Furnished and non shedding. Either way, we can email to coordinate and make sure your wishes are full filled.


Chocolate Tri Colored at 8 weeks old & 1 Year: Both Images show littermates at 8 weeks old and 1 year old. Left puppy in each photo is unfurnished. Right puppy in each photo is Furnished.
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Unfurnished Bernedoodle
Pure Bernese Mountain Dog! Trick Question!
Furnished Bernedoodle