F2 Mini Bernedoodles

Updated May 13, 2022

We have several F2 Mini’s due this Spring and Summer! Ringo Star has been, well, a super star! We will have availability in the Fall and possibly even as soon as June 2022!

Inquiries can be emailed to Elisa at Puppyinquiries@

Stay Tuned for updates between May and July as we may have limited availability depending on how many puppies arrive! Please see our Puppy Pricing page for contact information and upcoming availability!

Below you will see 3 separate litters, Yofi Opatija’s (Opa’s) and Roxie’s babies! Both Yofi and Opa’s arrived in April and Roxie’s on May 11, 2022. They will be able to go home in June/July respectively, when the puppies are 8 weeks old.

Opa and Ringo welcomed their 9 mini bernedoodles on April 18, 2022!

Newborn Video

Four Weeks Old!

Two Weeks Old!

Little Peanut!
Sleepy after Dinner

Opa’s Newborn Photos!

Phoebe Female

Yofi and Ringo welcomed their 12 puppies on March 24, 2022 Mazel Tov! They will be going home in just a couple of weeks and there are spots available!

Play Me!

Yofi and Ringo’s babies at Six Weeks Old!

Yofi’s at Four Weeks Old!

2 Weeks Old!

1 Week Old!

Newborn Photos 3/24/22

Roxie and Ringo’s thirteen babies arrived on May 11, 2022! Wow! Everyone is doing well and Roxie is going great too! There is room, at the moment, in this bunch for new fur parents to apply!

Newborn Photos! Eat your heart out!

Traditional Tri-colored
Traditional Tri-colored
Traditional Tri-colored
Traditional Tri-colored
Traditional Tri-colored or Sable Tri (too soon to tell)
Traditional Tri-colored or Sable Tri
Tri Sable
Traditional Tri-colored or sable tri
Traditional Tri-colored
Sable Tri
Traditional Tri-colored
Sable Tri