Meet The MBD Dad’s

January 12, 2023

Pictured above: Ringo Starr! And his brothers Isaac and Jacob in tow!

All of these amazing fellows are the dad’s for our Bernedoodle and Goldendoodle puppies!

All of the boys, currently active in my breeding program, have had genetic and OFA or PennHip testing. We take puppy raising seriously and only choose the best of the best! Only the healthiest boys and girls with the best Temperaments allowed

Only the Healthiest Dogs with the Best Temperaments are Allowed to become “Pawrents” at MBD!

Our genetic testing is done by Paw Print Genetics, GenSol and/or Embark. Our hips and elbows are either OFA or PennHip. In order be parents in our breeding program, they must pass their genetic testing and test either “good” or “excellent” with their OFA certifications or “Pass” the PennHip criteria. While health testing has improved greatly, just like with humans, it’s just not possible to test for every condition out there, unfortunately. However, we do have a health guarantee within the adoption contract.

Introducing The MBD Dad’s!

Meet Rocky Raccoon!

“Rocky Raccoon” or Rocky for short, is a 4.5 year old Sable Tri-Colored Bernedoodle. He is a cross between a Standard Poodle and Bernese Mountain dog. His color is a unique sable color consisting mostly of a caramel tan color with hints of dark brown around his eyes/ears/beard and also has the classic tuxedo white pattern on his chest. He is completely non-shedding and has a silky wavy coat. Rocky is a “show stopper” in public because he looks like a teddy bear and everyone wants to know what kind of dog he is! He is very affectionate, smart & loyal. He loves to be by my side, he loves playing fetch, camping, snuggling his human brothers and, of course, going for rides in the car. Rocky is 70lbs of fluff and legs! Here Rocky’s Embark Results:

Meet Sargent Pepper!

Sargent Pepper (from the lonely hearts club band) – F1 daddy and AKC registered standard tri-colored poodle

Sargent Pepper (pictured above) makes sure there are no lonely hearts club bands around here! He is the sire to F1 Standard Bernedoodle puppies born from Bernese Mountain Dog mom’s. He is a party poodle with a “blaze” (white stripe between eyes) and he is an AKC registered 65lb Standard Poodle.

He is such a sweet, smart, calm boy and serves as a mentor at a training facility to dogs with aggression issues! They can try as hard as they want to provoke Sargent Pepper but he can’t be bothered! Sargent Pepper consistently produces three color variations when honeymooning with a BMD. They are Traditional Tri-colored, Brindle Tri’s and Sable Tri-Colored Bernedoodles. Please see our page about colors and patterns to learn more!


Gordo is a 31lb Mini Bernedoodle! He is just the sweetest boy you could ever meet. If “cuddle bug” could be his middle name, if would be! This guy loves attention and affection. He will take lovin’s from whoever and whenever affection is available!

Gordo will be the dad for some of our F1b and F2 Mini Bernedoodle litters beginning in 2023! We can’t wait to see these adorable Tri Colored Bernedoodle babies! Here are Gordo’s genetic test results!

Meet Ringo Starr!

Ringo Starr is a super star here at Massachusetts Bernedoodles! He is an F1 Traditional Tri-Colored Bernedoodle and the son of Lucy and Marco’s Mini Bernedoodles. Ringo Star weighs in at approximately 45lbs. Many of his pups will have a more of the traditional look with the brown, black and white coloring. He will be paired with the bernedoodle mom’s for Mini Bernedoodles beginning in 2021!

Ringo adores his 4 human siblings and riding in the car. He especially loves going to their sports games, driving to the bus stop and running (or hopping) around the neighborhood with the other kids and dogs! He’s wonderful with children and has a very passive temperament. Super Chill and Super Handsome too!

Ringo Starr’s Genetic testing results are in!

Meet Zeppelin!

Zeppelin is a Mini F1 Bernedoodle and his color is Blue Merle with white markings. He weighs 35lbs and he is a heart throb! He will stop anyone in their tracks with his looks alone! He is a cuddle bug with the most tender heart. With a distinctive, high stepping saunter, he all but skips through life! He loves his canine sister, his toys and the outdoors but really… the more toys the better! In the mornings, he loves laying on the cool grass while he enjoys the morning dew.

Zeppelin has passed his testing and is now ready to become a dad for the first time in January 2023! Here are his embark test results!

Meet Jacob!

Jacob is my ~12 lb Toy Poodle stud muffin! He’s the smartest, most out going and calm toy poodle I have ever met! This is very important since most poodles become more and more “high strung” the smaller they get and some aren’t playful or friendly at all. Not Jacob! We only want sweet bernedoodles at MBD so we are super excited to have found this little man.

I searched high and low for him and here he is! He is the dad to F1 and F1b Mini Bernedoodles and Micro Bernedoodles. Jacob produces a beautiful array of colors in his Micros. Blue Merle Tri’s and Black/White Tuxedo are his specialty with F1 Mini’s. With F1b’s you will also see Red Merle’s! I mean.. how cute does it get?

Meet Johnny Cash!

Johnny Cash is an Oh So Adorable and lovable little guy who loves nothing more than to be with his humans, playing fetch or just lounging around. He is a very fast learner because he loves impressing his human guardian family!

Johnny Cash adores his tiny human siblings who are just 1 and 2 years old! Whether he is following them around the house, laying next to their beds as they sleep or cleaning up the floors after meal time, he’s happy to be with his guardian family! He has a natural instinct to know when he should be gentle and when it’s playtime. He is so loyal that he won’t leave his human siblings when they are sick, not even for a minute! He has to be near them and he will whine and cry if he senses the kids need something or if they need mamma. He will also alert his family of strangers near the house! His temperament and personality are perfect for a family with children. He loves playing with other dogs and enjoys when people come over to visit…more hands for belly rubs and throwing balls!

Johnny Cash is the son of Penny Lane and Jacob. Therefore, his genetics are “clear by parentage” because both parents are cleared. See Jacob’s results on the “meet the dads” page and Penny’s genetics via this link!

Meet Prince Caspian!

This is Prince Caspian at 16 weeks old and already learning the basics of Discovery training!

Updated Video for Prince Caspian and his Discovery Training!

This handsome little fellow is a 12 lb Toy Poodle and will be the dad for some future Mini Goldendoodles! Prince Caspian is so smart that he is currently being trained as a Discovery Dog! My vision is to start a non-profit segment of Massachusetts Bernedoodles with some of Prince Caspian’s offspring! Service dogs in the discovery area so our airports can be safe and service dogs for disabled folks as well as our veterans. His babies will be highly trainable for various services which is super exciting!

Meet Trey Anastasio!

Trey is a Traditional Tri-Colored 45lb AKC registered (small) standard poodle and, as you can see, he’s stunning! He is almost old enough to become a dad now and will become a sire in 2023! He has passed all of his health testing with flying colors and is a very sweet boy. Trey will be one of the dads to our F1 and F1b bernedoodles!

Trey guy is the sweetest, most mellow poodle I have ever met. He’s wonderful with children and other dogs. He’s an amazing addition to the pack and we are fortunate to have him. He will produce beautiful and very well tempered Tri-Colored F1 and F1b Bernedoodle Puppies! Here are his genetic testing results!

Meet Hendrix!

Hendrix is a Toy Poodle and weighs 6 lbs! His colors and patterns are called “Phantom” meaning he’s black with brown markings on his face, legs, chest, ears and eyebrows! He has the funniest little personality and a childish way about him. You’d never know he’s a year old already!

When Hendrix isn’t busy playing with the other dogs, he likes to hang out and snuggle on the couch. He’s a couch potato!However, this little guy can keep up with the best of any hikers! He loves going for walks almost as much as he loves training! He’s so smart and he just wants to learn more and more! What he loves the most is playing with his giggle ball. It’s HILARIOUS! Check him out playing with his giggle ball in the video below! Go Hendrix GO!

Hendrix’s Genetic testing: