Limited Edition Bernedoodles!

Meet Angelina Bombalina! Pictured above, this beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog absolutely adores being around other dogs and, of course, her favorite humans! She is sweet and super goofy and can usually be seen with her tongue hanging out of the side of her mouth. Angelina is 75lbs and will have Limited Edition Bernedoodles in mid December 2020! 

What does Limited Edition mean? 

These puppies will be 75% Bernese Mountain Dog and 25% Poodle! BB King is the dad and he’s an F1 Bernedoodle. 

This is the right category for you if you LOVE the look of the BMD, don’t mind the possibility of having a low shedding puppy (like a tumble weed to clean up once a week), would like the longevity associated with hybrid vigor combined with a small standard sized bernedoodle approximately 40-55lbs when fully grown! 

The non-shedding gene carried by poodles is a highly dominant gene over the BMD gene for shedding. It’s possible some or none will be low shedding and it’s possible they will all be low shedding. 

Angelina and BB King have honeymooned for this special limited edition bernedoodle litter due in mid-December 2020! I will be keeping a couple of girls for the future of MBD’s breeding program and I’m so excited to see what they will look like! I anticipate all traditional Tri-colored puppies with slight variations in white and brown BMD markings. 

Please click here to see the “Meet the Dads” page for BB King’s profile!