Looking for Guardian Homes! What is a Guardian Home?

A guardian home is the same as a host home! I am currently looking for a guardian home for a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy arriving in August.

A guardian home is a great opportunity for a person or family to enjoy the “pick of the litter” puppy for free and available much sooner! The Guardian Home is interviewed and then hand picked by me to raise a puppy being considered as a future mama/papa in my breeding program. The puppy is named and raised by the guardian as their own until the puppy comes of breeding age. While the puppy is growing up and anytime the guardian family goes on vacation, they can come stay with me at no charge. This way, the pup remains familiar with my home and isn’t stressed when he comes to breed or she comes to whelp her puppies. Once the pup/dog is health tested (hips, elbows, eyes etc) and if s/he passes, s/he becomes a mama/papa in my breeding program. For females, she stays with the guardian family until a few days before whelping and then comes to stay with me, the breeder, until the puppies are weaned (usually 7-8 weeks). During this time, the guardian family is encouraged to visit! After the Guardian Home contract expires, the dog is legally adopted from the breeder at no charge and I pay to have him or her fixed. In addition, there is a spiff given to the guardian for each litter as a “thank you”.

Guardian Homes are a wonderful and ethical way for breeders to expand their breeding program while maintaining the highest standard of care for their mama’s/papa’s. Happy and healthy parents = happy and healthy puppies!

If you are interested in becoming a guardian home, please email me at massdoodles@gmail.com so we can schedule a time to talk and potentially meet.