Looking for Guardian Homes!

A single guardian home can have up to two guardian puppies/dogs as long as they can financially afford routine veterinary care, heartguard and flea/tick preventative for both puppies/dogs. I am a huge fan of having dogs in pairs so they have a playmate and always have company when home alone!

Guardian homes must live within 100 miles of southern Massachusetts and be willing to drive the guardian dog to the breeder when needed. A guardian home is a commitment lasting the lifetime of the puppy. We (you, the guardian and me, the breeder) will also have a long relationship so I choose the families carefully. Being a guardian is not a temporary assignment so you should only consider being a guardian if you will treat & love the puppy/dog as your own until s/he passes of old age.

Here are some puppies currently in guardian homes!

What Is A Guardian Home?

A guardian home is a great opportunity for a person or family to enjoy the “pick of the litter” puppy for a fraction of the normal cost ($1500) and available much sooner! It’s also how I avoid over crowding in my home and over breeding my girls. The health and well-being of all my dogs is my highest priority! The guardian home is responsible for bringing their puppy to a group basic obedience class between 8-16 weeks of age. PetCo offers a group class for $130 that meets once a week for 6 weeks as well as drop in puppy play classes!

Process: The Guardian will first have phone interview. Next, you will be asked to send me a video of your main living space, a brief introduction to your family members and a video of your yard (a physical fence is not required). Then we will review the Guardian Home contract attached below. If all goes well then you will be welcomed into the guardian home family!

Guardian families are hand picked by me to raise a happy and healthy puppy being considered as a future mama/papa in my breeding program. The puppy is named and raised by the guardian as their own unless they’ve already been named. For female puppies, anytime the guardian family goes on vacation, she comes to stay with me at no charge. This way, the pup remains familiar with my home and isn’t stressed when he comes to breed or she comes to whelp her puppies. For males, unfortunately I can’t have more than one stud dog living in the home or it’s becomes very disruptive as they will compete for the girls.  Once the pup/dog is health tested (hips, elbows, eyes etc) and if s/he passes, s/he becomes a mama/papa in my breeding program.

For females, she will stay with the guardian family until right before her second heat cycle. She will be paired with a sire at my home for 5-6 days during her second heat. Then, a few days before whelping (around day 55 of gestation) she will come to stay with me, the breeder, until the puppies are weaned (usually 7-8 weeks). During this time, the guardian family is encouraged to visit and view the live puppy cam! After the Guardian Home contract expires, which is after 4 litters in her lifetime (well below the acceptable standard), she is legally adopted by the guardian from the breeder at no charge and the contract is fulfilled. I also pay to have him or her spayed/neutered and for any other puppy or pregnancy related expenses.

Guardian Homes are a wonderful and ethical way for breeders to expand their breeding program while maintaining the highest standard of care for their mama & papa dogs. Happy and healthy parents = happy and healthy puppies!

If you are interested in becoming a guardian home, please fill out the puppy adoption form and then text me at 774-452-5567 so we can schedule a time to talk and potentially meet. Please see the Guardian Home contract below.