F1BR Mini Australian Bernedoodles

Who is the ideal family for a Mini Australian Shepherd?

The Mini Australian Shepherd is a great choice for anyone who just loves the traits of the Bernese Mountain Dog (BMD), Australian Shepherd and Poodles but with a little less energy when compared to the Australian Shepherd or Aussiedoodle. This wonderful combination helps tame the high energy associated with the Australian Shepherds, Aussiedoodles and Poodles by inserting a little bit of the “laid back” nature of the Bernese Mountain Dog. Combined, we have a calmer, low to non shedding, family friendly, smart, loyal puppy with the hybrid vigor of the poodle.

When will the Mini Australian Bernedoodles be available?

Koda and Ringo have honeymooned for their 1st pack of Mini Australian Bernedoodles arriving in late May 2022! Puppies will be available to take home in late June, just in time for Summer Fun!

Are there any spots open for Koda’s litter due in May 2022? If so, how many?

YES, we do have spots open. How many available spots will depend on how many puppies she has. We will have a headcount approximately one week before her due date when she has her X-ray.

Has the pregnancy been confirmed?

Koda was confirmed pregnant on April 22, 2022 via ultrasound!

What colors and approximate size puppies do you anticipate?

We anticipate mostly traditional Tri-colored puppies weighing approximately 30-50lbs fully grown.