F1 Mini Bernedoodle Puppies

Updated May 2020

Lucy and Marco have honeymooned and had 10 beautiful Mini Bernedoodle babies on May 1, 2020! 7 Boys and 3 girls! They will be approximately 35lbs fully grown with wavy, non-shedding, tri-colored coats! These puppies are all reserved currently.

Nebula and Ladke and will honeymoon with Mr. BoJangles around June 2020 for F1 Mini Bernedoodles arriving around August! This list is currently open and accepting reservations!

Temperaments: I choose all of my parent dogs based on health and temperament. Lucy is an absolute love. She is loyal, cuddly, playful and LOVES puppies! Marco is a 29lb miniature poodle and super sweet! He’s not at all high strung or “snobby” (as many poodles can be)! I searched high and low to find this little guy for his health, temperament and coloring!

Both parents have been health tested (as they all are) and have a “clear” record for the most common heritable diseases by breed! They’re also OFA/PennHip certifies for hips and elbows! ETA May 2nd and “Gotcha Day” early to mid June! This will be their 1st litter!

For upcoming availability, There are two ways to reach me:

Email: Puppyinquiries@MABernedoodles.com


please download the WhatsApp and message me on WhatsApp here!


I’ll then return a message with the upcoming availability!


Lucy and Marco’s 10 Mini Bernedoodles!

2Weeks Old!