F1 Mini Bernedoodle Puppies

Updated February 2020:

Lucy and Jacob will be paired this month in February for F1 Mini Bernedoodle puppies! They will be approximately 35lbs fully grown with wavy, non-shedding, tri-colored coats!

Temperaments: I choose all of my parent dogs based on health and temperament. Lucy is an absolute love. She is loyal, cuddly, playful and LOVES puppies! Jacob is a miniature poodle and super sweet! He’s not at all high strung or “snobby” (as many poodles can be)! I searched high and low to find this little guy for his health, temperament and coloring!

Both parents have been health tested (as they all are) and have a “clear” record for the most common heritable diseases by breed! They’re also OFA/PennHip certifies for hips and elbows! ETA mid April and “Gotcha Day” mid June! This will be their 1st litter and the list is now open!