2.4 Mini F1 Swiss Goldendoodles, December 2023

August 16, 2023

A very special Barknouncement indeed! Millie and Prince Caspian are EXPECTING in October 2023!! These Mini Swiss Goldendoodles will be approximately 30-40lbs fully grown and anticipated to arrive late October 2023 with take home in late December 2023!

Please fill out the adoption application and then contact Kim at PuppyInquiries@MABernedoodles.com or call/text 774-452-5567 for more information

F1 Mini “Swiss Goldendoodle” Puppies


Millie is a BEAUTIFUL Girl through and through! She is the sweetest, the most affectionate and mellow Golden Retriever I have ever met, and I was raised with Goldens! Most Goldens are sweet BUT are Golden Retrievers mellow as puppies? Not so much! Millie IS mellow! Which is why we chose her to be our Goldendoodle mama!

Arriving the week of October 24, 2023, these puppies will weight approximately 30-40lbs fully grown with boys usually being a little bigger than the girls. “Gotcha Day” or the start of Foundations Training will be the week of December 19, 2023!

What Will These F1 Mini Goldendoodles Look Like?

Light Apricot Goldendoodle

Most Golden Retrievers and Goldendoodles are pretty hyper for their initial two years of life and then they finally start to calm down. Not Miss Millie! Millie is almost 2 year old, a soon/to-be first time mama and not one hint of hyper activity in her bones! She is super chill, which I love and value as a trait in our puppies.

Normally, the first two years raising a Golden Retriever or Goldendoodle can be, well… Hyper! In addition, Poodles tend to be “High Strung”, especially as they get smaller. We breed for health AND temperament! Healthy AND Calm. This is one specific area where choosing the right Doodle Breeder comes into play. The Nature Component Defined: Mom and Dad’s health & temperament will play a critical role in the temperament of your puppy. If your parents are healthy and sound in temperament, their puppies will also be calm and sound in temperament. The same is true of the opposites, with hyper parents and/or parents with bad genetics. It’s the same as it is for humans.

The other component is Nurture, meaning what we do to socialize them during their first 8 weeks of life AND ALSO what you do to train and socialize your puppy between 8-26 weeks old, the critical imprinting phase. Unlike humans, you WANT to expose your puppy to new people and environments as much as possible and right away. Why? Because of “Dog Years”. Essentially, dogs grow and mature at least 7x faster than humans. It’s closer to 14x faster during the 1st year of a puppy’s life. Therefore, for example, if you didn’t bring your puppy outside (thinking you were keeping them safe, like a human newborn) about until they’re 3 months old, that would be liken to not bringing a human baby outside until they were 2 or 3 years old! They would be afraid of everything!

Puppies grow super fast during the 1st year so Early Socialization and training are the key to having a favorable outcome as far as the Nurture component is concerned. Together, Nature and Nurture combine to produce Beautiful, Helthy, Non Shedding, Easy-going, well mannered F1 Mini Goldendoodle Puppies! It is so important for the parents have calm temperaments, when breeding Goldendoodle Puppies.

The waitlist has just opened for Miss Millie and Prince Caspian’s 1st Mini Goldendoodle litter estimated to arrive sometime in October of 2023! The approximate take home will be late December 2023!

Waitlist- ESTIMATED TAKE HOME: Late December 2023

  • 1stPOL – Open
  • 2nd POL – Open
  • 3rd POL – Open
  • 4th POL – Open
  • 5th pick – LP Reserved
  • 6th Pick -Open
  • 7th Pick -Open
Enjoying the sunset in Maine with Miss Millie!

We don’t ever breed on the first cycle because a mom is not fully mature at just 9months-1 year old, the usual timeframe for a dogs’ first heat cycle. Generally, canines will come into season ie; “heat” twice a year. However, we won’t honeymoon until her 2nd heat cycle. Currently, Millie is in her 1st heat cycle now (December 2023) and her next heat cycle will come approximately June 2023. Gestation is just 9 weeks for canines so these puppies should arrive approximately in September 2023 and go home November/December 2023!

Mom dogs typically come into season every 6 months following their first heat cycle. This means once a mom has her first cycle, approximately 6 months later, she will honeymoon for for the first time. SO EXCITING! We aren’t quite sure who she will honeymoon with but we will update this as soon as a decision has been made!

Millie and Best Buddy, Narnya!

Please Inquire via the “puppy adoption form” page and we will get back to you right away!

These Mini Goldendoodle puppies will be $6700.00 plus MA 6.25% tax. POL’s (see pricing page) may be available.

Once your deposit is received, we will send you a confirmation email within 12-24 hrs (probably sooner). This email will contain lots of information including the many ways to stay up to date!

Millie and Friends, Latte and Sequoia!
Winter 2023
Summer 2023, Hanging out in the shade with Kenny, Narnya and Latte
Millie Modeling …
BFF’s Millie and Latte