Please note that some of these mom’s live with their guardian homes to avoid over crowding in my home. All of my dogs/pups are raised in my home as part of the family. I don’t utilize traditional kennels. Rather, my dogs are a pack and run and play together in my fenced in yard. In order to. maintain the high standard of living for my dogs, I have guardian homes who care for some of these momma’s. When they are ready to whelp and wean their puppies, they come to stay with me. After their puppies are weaned, they return to their guardian home. All of the momma’s currently breeding will have a total of 4-5 litters in their life. Then they will be spayed and retired from breeding.

All of the current mom’s are all health tested (OFA & Paw Print Genetics). The adolescents will have their testing done when they are between 1-2 years old.


“Ramble on Rosie” or Rosie for short, is a 2.5 year old standard F1 Bernedoodle which is a cross between a Standard Poodle and Bernese Mountain dog. Rosie is completely non-shedding, has a silky wavy coat and weighs 65 lbs. She is smart, affectionate, loving, loyal and LOVES to play with people and her furry friends. She has such a wonderful personality! Rosie is a “Traditional Phantom” Bernedoodle meaning she is Brown and black with the classic Bernese Mountain Dog pattern but without the white.  She absolutely loves going for rides in the car and sticking her head out the window the entire time. She also enjoys sleeping in my bed with me every night! Health checked- Hips and Eyes are “Good”!

Bob Dylan’s “Trouble” is a 3 year old Standard Poodle with a beautiful dark chocolate brown and white pattern. She is an AKC registered Standard Poodle and Champion Show Dog weighing 50 lbs. Despite her name, Trouble is very well behaved and mellow most of the time but turns into a spunky girl with lots of energy when she plays with other dogs or goes for a ride in the car. She also loves sleeping curled up next to me in bed. She is loving and smart, like most poodles, but with a one-of-a-kind personality. Health checked, AKC registered and OFA certified hips and eyes “Good”!


Mazzy Star is a 3 year old Standard black & white tuxedo Parti Poodle and recently retired champion show dog! She weighs 45 lbs and enjoys sitting like a lady with her long legs crossed 🙂 Like Trouble, she is a southern bell from Dallas, TX. Mazzy Star has a very sweet disposition and loves everyone, especially other poo’s (aka poodles). She is highly intelligent, well behaved and a snuggle bug! Mazzy has all of her certificates including AKC registration and OFA certified “Good” hips and eyes!


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This is Stevie, my F1 Bernedoodle momma! She is a gorgeous and goofy lady! When paired with Rocky, they will produce beautiful F2 Bernedoodle babies who will grow to be between 50-70 lbs. F2 Bernedoodles are also 50% Bernese and 50% Poodle – 2nd generation (F2). They will have wavy non-shedding coats and each litter produces a combination of Traditional Tri-colored, Sable Tri-colored & Traditional Phantom colored puppies!


Bella LOL! Always smiling and having a grand old time! Bella is one of my F1 Bernedoodle mom’s. When paired with Sir Henry Sterling or Sargent Pepper, their F1 tri-colored babies will weigh between 55-65 lbs.


Tela is my next generation AKC Registered Standard Poodle momma. She is SUPER smart, playful and sweet! She is considered a “Traditional phantom” meaning she is black with tan markings. When paired with Oshie in 2019, she will produce F1 Bernedoodle babies weighing between 50-65lbs.


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“Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” is a pure breed Bernese Mountain Dog with Champion bloodlines! She comes from a wonderful breeder in Vermont and parents and grand parents with OFA Hips, Eyes and Elbows “good”. Once Lucy is old enough and passes all of her health clearances, she will be one mama of F1 (Bernese X mini or Standard Poodle) Bernedoodle puppies! Her first planned litter will be around the Fall of 2019 and will be a Standard F1 Bernedoodle litter!


Monique is my 2 year old Bernese Mountain Dog female. She is an absolute sweetheart and loves to play and cuddle. Monique will be a mom to F1 Bernedoodle puppies and will  be paired with Sir Henry Sterling.

This is Dutch! She is my biggest Bernese Mountain mom weighing in at 80 lbs. Dutch is also a love bug, just like most Berners! When paired with Sir Henry Sterling, they will produce the largest F1 Standard Bernedoodles offered here ranging between 65-80lbs.



These are my future mini momma’s! From the left top meet Suzy, Grace & Janis! From the bottom left, meet Sugaree, Fiona and Molly! While they are still adolescents now and will need to pass their health certifications, beginning Spring/Summer 2019, they will be the mini momma crew! I am accepting deposits because, based on their parents and grandparents, I don’t anticipate any issues with their health certifications. These three will produce puppies ranging from 20-35 lbs. They all live with their guardian homes as well.

Meet Pippa (left) and River (right)! While they are still adolescents now and will need to pass their health certifications, beginning Summer/Fall 2019, they will be part of the new F1 momma crew! I am accepting deposits because, based on their parents and grandparents, I don’t anticipate any issues with their health certifications. These two will produce F1 puppies ranging from 60-80 lbs.

This is Cali, the next generation momma for my F2 and F1b Bernedoodles! She is from Trouble and Oshie’s 1st litter and living with her guardian family in western Massachusetts. Cali will be paired with Axl for F2 Bernedoodles and with Sargent Pepper for F1b Bernedoodles. Their puppies will weigh between 42-65 lbs when fully grown.