2021 F2 Standard Bernedoodles

For upcoming availability: We have a couple of openings for Harper’s going home 9/13 and 9/14 as well as Aria’s going home on 9/27! Back to school season applies to some but not all 🙂

Email: Puppyinquiries@MABernedoodles.com

I’ll then return an auto reply message with the upcoming availability google document!

We have two F2 Standard litters currently and both have openings! Please see pictures and videos below of the puppies and please see the “mom’s” and “dad’s” pages for the parent information.

1. Harper and Rocky’s F2 Standard Bernedoodles Born on July 20, 2021 and going home September 14, 2021

2. Aria and Rocky’s F2 Standard Bernedoodles Born on August 1, 2021 and going home September 27, 2021

We have 2 open spots in Harper’s litter and 2 open spots in Aria’s litter! ALL of the puppies in both litters are “furnished” meaning they have the doodle look vs. a more berner look and they are non shedding. Due to the time of year, we have had many families on the waitlist defer to a later time. On Gotcha Day, each person on Harper and Aria’s lists will come to choose their puppy (in order of deposit and at the designated time). When it’s time for family/person #10 on Harper’s list or #4 on Aria’s list to choose their puppy, there will be 2 puppies to choose from. Which ones will they be? We won’t know until Gotcha Day! They’re all wonderful, healthy puppies and all scored very well on the Volhard Puppy Temperament Test. If you would like to be 10th on Harper’s List or 5th on Aria’s List, please Email us at Puppyinquiries@MABernedoodles.com subject line “I’M IN FOR HARPER’S (or Aria’s) LIST”

Harper and Rocky’s F2 Bernedoodles

Aria and Rocky’s F2 Bernedoodles