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September 19, 2023


Puppy Pick Day/ “Gotcha Day”
Puppy Pick Days are always held live, in-person, once the puppies turn 8 weeks old, and only by appointment. If you aren’t available to come in person, you can have a zoom puppy pick! A nice option if you live far away and have enrolled your puppy at MBD University, our puppy board and training program! However, after watching them on camera beginning on their birthday and waiting 8 long weeks to meet these beautiful puppies, everyone looks forward to meeting them in person! Making it a trip! After all, this is your new family member!

Join us on the Epic Journey from Birth to Gotcha Day via our Exclusive 24/7 Live Puppy Cameras!

Puppy Pick Numbers and their Meanings:

Puppy pricing for puppy pick 5th Pick of the Litter through the Last Pick In the Litter (always the best!) are listed below. All of the puppies have wonderful temperaments so temperament is never a concern. POL’s are typically reserved by people who have more than one strong preference. For example, Female and Traditional Tri Colored.

Puppy Pricing and Size Information

Standard Bernedoodle & Goldendoodle Pricing:

The Balance:

$6500 plus 6.25% MA Tax =$6906.25 Half of the balance will be due when the puppies turn 4 weeks old. This amount is $3453.12. The balance will be due on puppy pick day, and is calculated like this: $6500 plus MA tax ($406.25) – $3453.12 (half @ 4 weeks old) – $500 Deposit = $2953.12 would be the balance due on Puppy Pick Day for a Standard Bernedoodle or Goldendoodle Puppy

Mini Bernedoodles & Mini Goldendoodles Pricing:

The Balance:

$6700 plus 6.25% MA tax = $7118.75. Half of the balance will be due when the puppies turn 4 weeks old. This amount is $3559.38. The balance will be due on puppy pick day, and is calculated like this: $6700 plus MA tax ($418.75) – $3559.38 (half @ 4 weeks old) – $500 Deposit = $3059.37 would be the balance due on Puppy Pick Day for a Mini Bernedoodle or Goldendoodle Puppy

Micro & Tiny Bernedoodle Puppies:

The Balance

$7000 plus 6.25% MA tax = 7437.50. Half of the balance will be due when the puppies turn 4 weeks old. This amount is $3718.75. The balance will be due on puppy pick day, and is calculated like this: $7000 plus MA tax ($437.50) – $3718.75 (half @ 4 weeks old) – $500 Deposit = $3218.75 would be the balance due on Puppy Pick Day for a Tiny or Micro Bernedoodle or Goldendoodle Puppy

Disclaimer: It’s important to acknowledge that weights are always approximate due to Nature and Nurture. The Nature refers to their genetics and the nurture refers to what you feed them, how much and other outside factors such as table food, spaying, etc.

POL Defined: “Pick of the Litter” 1st-4th POL’s =The Top 4 Puppy Picks in Each Litter

What is the Premium amount for each POL spot?

Great Question! POL stands for “Pick of the Litter” and is defined as one of the top 4 picks in every litter!

“The Home Run” is 1st POL (1st pick of the litter), when available, Is an additional $2500. This spot allows you to have ALL of the puppies to choose from! This is a great spot to have if you have specific preferences or needs for gender, markings, colors and personality. It’s also a great spot to have if you’re planning to train you puppy to become a service or support animal.

“On Deck” is 2nd POL, when available, is an additional $2000. This is usually the 1st male or 1st female pick but it doesn’t have to be. However, it can be (if you choose) the 1st pick for one or the other gender. This is a also great spot to have if you have specific preferences or needs.

“The Power Hitter” is 3rd POL, when available, is an additional $1500. This spot guarantees the 3rd pick in any litter of your choosing, where open.

“The Fenway Special” is the 4th POL and, when available, is an additional $1000. This spot guarantees the 4th pick in a specific litter of your choice! It’s very rare to have a litter of less than 4-6 puppies but it does happen. If both color and gender are important to you, I recommend reserving a POL.

Please Note: The POL premium amount is in addition to the price of your puppy and does not come off the balance on puppy pick/gotcha day. The premium is for skipping the line and also for having a guaranteed specific spot on a specific list. The $500 deposit does, however, come off the balance which is due on gotcha day. Puppy pick spots #5 through the last pick of the litter (always the best!) require only the $500 deposit.

Why Are We More Expensive Than Many Other Doodle Breeders?

Great Question! In a nutshell, because we do things the right way.

As a Professional Dog Breeder, there are a few key differentiators between what we do vs. other professional breeders vs. other Hobby breeders and vs. Commercial breeders.

1. At MBD, we are a woman owned company and a place for learning. We train our employees to become doggie doula’s, professional Puppy Raisers, exceptional postpartum mom care givers and dog/puppy enrichment providers. We breed only our own dogs, In Ashby, MA and sell our own, hand raised puppies directly to our own pre screened customers. We meet 95% of our customers on puppy pick day, in person! Occasionally we have a zoom Puppy Pick, if the customer is unable to come to our home on puppy pick day! Also, if you can’t come pick your puppy up, don’t worry! We deliver directly to you, from our door to yours and with our own MBD employees. Most times, its myself, the owner making these very special deliveries!

This is how a Professional and Ethical, Private Dog Breeder is defined. We Honeymoon our own dogs, raise our puppies for the first & weeks and then adopt the puppies out to our own customers. No 3rd party involvement, ever. Not even for transportation as we transport our own puppies directly to customers, as requested.

2. The Parents Health and Temperament: We have all of our parent dogs tested for over 200 heritable diseases and they all must pass their OFA’s on both their hips and elbows. We also have a robust health guarantee in our adoption contract. Hobby and commercial breeders rarely do this extensive testing and/or find loopholes to make it look like they’re all tested. For example, many breeders will buy puppies from puppy mills for ~$500/puppy and reselling them, as home raised, for a lot more money but for less than us. They don’t have overhead such as payroll, benefits for employees, proper veterinary care, higher utility bills etc. Very little overhead allows them to sell their doodle puppies for a lot less, as a 3rd party “breeder”. With our robust health testing requirements, we provide genetically sound puppies with amazing temperaments. You will SEE they are hand raised through our 24/7 live streaming Puppy Cameras. However, approximately 30% of intended mom’s don’t pass our strict requirements, which increases costs.

It’s difficult to find healthy, pure bred Bernese Mountain Dogs and when you do, they are expensive. Further, complications such as mastitis, sometimes end in early retirement. We wouldn’t want to take any risks! However, it does increase overall costs vs. other breeders who breed the AKC recommended 9 litters prior to retirement and will usually breed regardless of any complications. Not at MBD. If one of our mom’s has a complication, we won’t hesitate to seek immediate professional assistance. We love our dogs very much.

3. Nature and Nurture as it relates to a healthy, well-Tempered Puppy and, eventually, adult dog:

Mom and Dad’s health & temperament will play a critical role in the temperament of your puppy. If your parents are healthy and sound in temperament, their puppies will also be calm and sound in temperament. The same is true of the opposites, with hyper parents and/or parents with bad genetics. It’s the same as it is for humans. The other component is Nurture, meaning what we do to socialize them during their first 8 weeks of life AND ALSO what you do to train and socialize your puppy between 8-26 weeks old, the critical imprinting phase. Unlike humans, you WANT to bring your puppy out right away, expose your puppy to new people and environments as much as possible and right away. BUT you must carry/wagon/stroller until after vaccinations due to those risks. However, in terms of socialization and training Why is this SOOO important? Because of “Dog Years”. Essentially, dogs grow and mature at least 7x faster than humans. It’s closer to 14x faster during the 1st year of a puppy’s life. Therefore, for example, if you didn’t bring your puppy outside (thinking you were keeping them safe, like a human newborn) about until they’re 3 months old, that would be liken to not bringing a human baby outside until they were 2 or 3 years old! They would be afraid of everything! Puppies grow super fast during the 1st year so Early Socialization and Training are the KEY to having a favorable outcome as far as the Nurture and Nurture components are concerned. Together, Nature and Nurture combine to produce Beautiful, Helthy, Non Shedding, Easy-going, well mannered DoodlePuppies! It is SUPER important for the parents have healthy genetics and calm temperaments, when breeding Doodle Puppies so do your due diligence and choose your breeder wisely! We also choose wisely for our Berner and poodle parents!

4. At MBD, you’ll know exactly where your puppy came from AND all about the extensive care they receive during their 1st eight weeks of life because of our exclusive 24/7 puppy cameras! While a few other breeders may have live cameras, they usually turn off around 5 weeks old because that’s when they start pooping larger amounts and a lot more frequently. We call them “Poop Parties”! In the rare occasion that you can find a breeder with live puppy cameras, they’re at staged times of the day and/or the cameras turn off at 5 weeks old. The breeder may say “Oh, it’s because they are out socializing now!” but this can’t possibly be true because puppies can’t regulate their body temperature fully until 6-7 weeks old. Therefore, they require ambient heat and some source of what such a heating element (available at all times). The 24/7 cameras we offer give you transparency, education and entertainment from birth to 8 weeks old! It’s known as The Epic Journey!

4. The 24/7 care we offer is one of our biggest differentiators because, while expensive, it allows for 8 additional hours of socialization every single day, during the overnight shifts. 8 weeks at 8 extra hours her day translates to 448 additional hours of socialization during the most rapid 0-8 week period of growth. It makes a HUGE difference considering the day shift is the busiest shift for all breeders, leaving less time for direct 1:1 socialization and enrichment for each puppy. This is when we also do their early neurological stimulation exercises, trim nails, provide extra meals or care to anyone needing “extra” and most puppies are born during the overnight hours, naturally lol

5. When breeding is done ethically and correctly, the mom’s retire young, after 4-5 litters maximum and only if there are no complications. Our aim is to set the bar high for breeders everywhere. We limit our mom dogs to a maximum of 4-5 litters vs. the AKC’s acceptable number of litters being 9 litters! Yikes. However, at MBD, if any complications come up for the mom, we will retire her from breeding right away. Some moms have 1 litter and others may have 5 but usually it’s somewhere in the middle. Every mom LOVES being a mom, right up to the point where all of their little “baby shark teeth” are fully in… weaning is a very natural process usually completed by 7-8 weeks old.

6. We are a small business and we still offer full benefits and higher pay to our small, talented team of employees. We value hard working individuals who are passionate about professional animal care and reproductive medicine. We work with amazing organizations such as The Make a Wish Foundation and provide comfort Bernedoodles to schools and other public organizations in need.

We also award educational scholarships each year to our employees demonstrating leadership and talent in the field of Veterinary Science!

I am proud to be a Woman Owned, Small Business and I appreciate customers like you, who do their due diligence when deciding who to buy your next new fur baby from! I hope you choose us and you will see the value in all that we do, right through the lens of the live puppy cameras!

Generations: What Do F1, F2 and F1b Mean?

F1b Bernedoodles

F1b means one parent is a poodle and the other is a bernedoodle. 25% Berner 75% poodle. All F1b Puppies have wavy to curly, non shedding (furnished) hair. F1b’s are considered the best option for people with allergies to shedding dogs! Please DO inform us if allergies are a concern for you or anyone in the household.

F1 Generation

F1 Standard Sized Bernedoodles (pictured above) and Goldendoodles: 1st Generation; All puppies born from a Bernese Mountain Dog or Golden Retriever moms are F1 generation. This means they are 50% Poodle and 50% Berner and 100% of the puppies are Furnished & Non Shedding. The dad is a poodle and the mom is a Bernese Mountain Dog OR a Golden Retriever at MBD. The weight range is approximately 50-90lbs, depending on how much the specific mom and dad of any given litter weighs. Some litters will range between 45-60lbs while others will range between 55-90lbs. It just depends on how much mom and dad weigh. Check out the “Meet the Mom’s” page for more information!

F2 Generation

2nd Generation; F2 means both parents are non-shedding F1 bernedoodles so their puppies are 2nd generation or multi generation. The puppies are also 50/50 Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle. The mom and the dad are both either F1 or F2 generation bernedoodles. Approximate weight range is ~50-75 depending on the parents. These puppies are $6000 (plus MA state sales tax 6.25%). Up to 12% of any F2 litter will have a couple of “unfurnished” puppies born. People who love the Bernese Mountain dog but would like a lower shedding, longer living version would love an unfurnished Bernedoodle! These puppies also look more like Berners vs. poodles and have a much longer life span than pure bred Berners do. 88% (minimum) of puppies born in any given F2 litter are “Furnished”, like the F1 and F1b generations, Non-Shedding and have the same “Doodle look”. We can tell by the time they reach 6 weeks old if they’re furnished or unfurnished, 2 weeks before puppy pick day!

The approximate fully grown weight range for each size are as follows:

Tiny Bernedoodles: ~10-20lbs depending on the parents

Micro Bernedoodles: ~ 20-30lbs depending on the parents

Mini Bernedoodles: ~ 30-50lbs depending on the parents

Standard Bernedoodles: ~ 50-80lbs depending on the parents

(Mini Bernedoodle pictured above)

Micro Bernedoodle at 8 weeks old pictured above

Smaller dogs have smaller litters and are more delicate, requiring more attention, which is why they are higher in price when compared to Standards or Mini’s.

Please note: All deposits and POL premiums are non-refundable but fully transferable to another litter should you decide to defer for any reason. The POL premium amounts do not come off of the balance for your puppy on Gotcha Day and can not be applied towards training. Rather, the POL premium is an additional amount paid in order to have a top pick of the litter.

Should you decide to defer from your spot when a puppy becomes available, the current pricing will take effect and the balance due on Gotcha Day will change to reflect these prices. However, we have only had 2 price increases at MBD. One in June 2019 and the other in January 2022.

If you don’t defer when it’s your turn, you’ll be grandfathered in on the cost of your puppy based on when you placed your deposit. The last price increase took place in June 2019.

All prices listed are as shown unless your deposit was submitted prior to June 2019 or January 22, 2022 and you did not defer to a later date/litter.

**Please make sure you note the last name the deposit is under on your adoption application so we can find you and send your confirmation email! (the most common reason for the delayed response).

**Please also use the information provided in the confirmation email to get you started on the journey to being owned by a Bernedoodle! This will arrive once a deposit has been placed.

We have been working hard to streamline the initial adoption process so our attention can remain on the dogs, puppies and those folks on the waitlists. You’ll find these links in the confirmation email.

What Sizes Do Bernedoodles come in? Keep on keepin’ on and scroll down!

Approximate Adult Sizes:

Disclaimer: It’s important to acknowledge that weights are always approximate due to Nature and Nurture. The Nature refers to their genetics and the nurture refers to what you feed them, how much and other outside factors such as table food, spaying, etc.

Just as with people, grandparents genes can also play a role. These weights are approximate meaning +|- 10lbs to allow for nature variables. If you MUST have a fully grown dog less then X lbs for air travel or other reasons, please note that on your application. We always do our best to make sure our weights are as accurate as they can be but ultimately, Mother Nature makes that decision. Most females will gain approximately 10lbs once spayed as well.

Please also note: Veterinarians, as smart and talented as they are, can not predict the full grown size of your puppy prior to 1 year old. Possibly as soon as 8 months old. Just as we can’t predict the size of our human babies when they’re born. We can guess but that doesn’t make it true. Bernedoodles in particular have big paws, even the minis and micros. This has caused some concern in the past. Please try to avoid panic by communicating your ideal size range (lowest weight and highest weight) on the adoption application and any other special notes such as “puppy will be flying often and needs to fit under the seat in front of us, fully grown”.

Selecting a GREAT Breeder:

Each puppy, regardless of coat color(s), is treated with the highest level of care including an overnight puppy caregiver, neuro-stimulation and lots (and lots and lots) of socialization! You will see everything from day one until your puppy comes home via the live 24/7 puppy cameras! Please visit My Philosophy and also the “Take an inside Look inside MBD” page to learn more!

Nature and Nurture

The primary reason why the doodle puppies coming from Massachusetts Bernedoodles all have wonderful temperaments is because of the nature and nurture components. We select the parents based primarily on health and temperament. Combine this with what the MBD Team does to socialize these beautiful puppies between 0-8 weeks old and we have found the key to getting consistently great puppies! Of course, you get to see all of it on the live 24/7 puppy cameras too, day or night! Our Volhard Puppy Temperament Testing has demonstrated this time and time again.


I have selected all of the parents based first on health and second on temperament. They are happy, outgoing mom’s and dad’s! They must also pass their OFA or PennHip Certifications. They are also tested for the most common heritable diseases for their breeds and must test “clear” in all categories. This testing is done by PawPrint Genetics, GenSol or Embark.


The first 8 weeks of life represents HALF of the critical 16 week window for socialization in puppies. After 16 weeks, their experiences (or lack of experiences) become concrete. This is why it’s so important to choose w good breeder and to know what happens during whelping & weaning, which represents the first 8 weeks of their lives. It’s also why I have the..

What is the 24/7 live puppy camera and why do we have them?

You don’t have to guess about what happened during the first 8 weeks of their little lives because you’ll be able to watch it anytime! What the breeder does to socialize your puppy with people, noises, other animals etc, etc combined with what you do to continue socializing your puppy until 16 weeks has a direct impact on your puppy maturing into a healthy, well adjusted adult dog. Don’t worry, we go over this in great detail on gotcha day!

Why is MBD the only one in the country to have the 24/7 live puppy cameras?

Because we WANT you to be a part of this journey! We want you to see what goes on behind the scenes and what raising puppies entails. It also gives you the opportunity to get to know them from birth to take home day! We are proud of how we do things differently and better than the rest. Our goal is to set the standard for breeders nationwide.

Having the 24/7 live puppy cam allows each family to see everything we do behind the scenes during the first 8 weeks of life! It’s educational, entertaining (addictive) and completely transparent! You will get to see how the puppies are raised and see them anytime day or night! If you’re a night owl, check out the overnight puppy caregivers, Shell and Shelby, in action! It’s pretty awesome to watch them do the weights and neuro stimulation exercises!

The most important reason for the live puppy cams is the complete transparency so you know that your puppy (and next family member) is actually being raised in a healthy, nurturing environment verses a puppy mill or a breeder who buys from a puppy mills and then resells them to unknowing families. Unfortunately, it’s more common than you think. With the 24/7 live puppy cameras, you will know for certain that your puppies are well cared for and socialized during the first half of the critical socialization window, which closes at 16 weeks.


The deposit is $500 and holds your spot on the list of your choice! This deposit comes off of the balance on puppy pick up day aka “Gotcha Day”

WAIT TIMES: Vary depending on the litter you prefer and are estimated timeframes. Mother Nature is in control here..and occasionally there are delays. Please understand canine pregnancies works just the same way human pregnancies do. Sometimes the pregnancies just don’t take and only Mother Nature knows why.

Please fill out the adoption application email us at puppyinquiries@MAbernedoodles.com for upcoming availability.

The wait is often much shorter for folks who reserve a POL, when available.


Temperament and personality are independent of gender as long as you spay or neuter before puberty. Otherwise, think of it like when your kids went from elementary to middle school- Puberty Hormones! If you do have a gender preference, your wait could be longer or shorter depending on the preferences of the families before you, the litter sizes and also the gender split of each litter born. If you specify a gender preference, you will not automatically be deferred to the next litter. You will be notified that your number is up and have the choose to stay or defer to the next litter.

Your deposit and POL premiums are non-refundable but they are fully transferable if you decide to defer to the next litter or a later litter.

Please be certain that you’d like to be on my waitlist prior to placing the deposit.

Why are the deposits and premiums non -refundable? It seems a bit harsh!

The reason why they are non-refundable is because, if they were refundable, there would be no way to know with any certainty that the puppies born will have loving and pre-screened families ready for them at 8 -9 weeks old. One of the biggest aspects of being a responsible breeder is making sure every puppy will be either heading to their “furever” homes or to Foundations Training at 8-9 weeks old.

Our goal is to make sure all of the puppies are going home or to Foundations Training for the 2nd half (8-16 weeks old) of the critical 16 week socialization window because that is what’s best for the puppies.


Foundations Training, which comes before basic obedience, focuses on 4 areas; crate training (the key to fast and successful house training), house training, socialization and learning through muscle memory to sit next to your feet as a default position. For example, if you’re out for a walk and a neighbor is approaching, when you stop to talk (or in certain circumstances continue to keep on walking 😉 your puppy will sit at attention rather than jumping on your neighbor or pulling you ahead. The final session is with the trainer(s) where you, the owner, will learn the commands and how to continue training at home. We will also answer your questions & set the proper expectations for a puppy at 10 weeks old. Please see the Foundations Training page and feel free to text me at (508)266-1720 if you would like to schedule a time to talk and learn more about Foundations Training!

Training & socialization are a continuous process and should be attended to throughout a dogs’ life. If they don’t use it, they will lose it!
What Do Bernedoodles Look Like?

Bernedoodles come in many colors & patterns. This is determined by the parents of each litter. Please see the pictures and captions below for examples of coat colors. Click HERE to see more examples of the look you may like best!

Rocky Racoon Sitting The coveted and unique Tri-Colored Sable Bernedoodle (found in litters sired by Rocky)

Traditional Tri-Colored (also coveted). Found uniformly in F1 litters born from Bernese Mountain Dog mom’s and also in F2 litters where one or both parents are tri-colored.


Phantom Bernedoodle puppy Traditional Black & Brown “Phantom” Bernedoodle, non-shedding and wavy coat. Phantoms are found in F2 litters where one parent is a phantom Bernedoodle

black and white bi-colored

bi-colored bernedoodle 2

Bi-Colored Bernedoodles found in F1 litters where the mom is a Standard Poodle and also in F2 litters.

Swiss Bernedoodles! Occasionally found in an F2 Bernedoodle litter and 100% in a Swiss Bernedoodle litter.

*The prices reflect “pet only” pricing and come with a spay/neuter contract at or before 8 months old

**You may defer to the next litter at any time and for any reason. However, should you defer and a price increase occurs in the meantime, you would not be grandfathered in at the old pricing.

***Massachusetts Bernedoodles reserves the right to reserve a pick of the litter at any time. This is so we have future mom’s here at MBD