Puppy Pricing

Bernedoodle Sizes: Standard’s (42-80lbs depending on the parents of the litter), Mini’s (35-45lbs) and Micro/Tiny’s (20-30lbs).

MINI PRICING: The cost of a mini bernedoodle is set at $4700 and micro/tiny Bernedoodle puppies are $5500 (plus 6.25% MA state tax). Smaller dogs have smaller litters which is why they are higher in price when compared to Standard Bernedoodles.

STANDARD SIZE PRICINGBicolored and solid colored: Standard sized Bernedoodles are priced at $4000 plus MA state sales tax for bicolored & solid Bernedoodles born from Standard Poodles and Standard Bernedoodles.

Standard Tricolored Bernedoodles born from any mother dog: $4500 plus MA state sales tax

For all puppies born from Bernese Mountain Dog Mothers: $4500 (plus MA state sales tax 6.25%) regardless of cost colors or markings

Each puppy, regardless of coat color(s), is treated with the highest level of care including an overnight puppy caregiver, neuro-stimulation and lots (and lots and lots) of socialization! This is partly why the Bernedoodles coming from Massachusetts Bernedoodles all have wonderful temperaments- the nurture component. The other part is Nature, of course! I have selected all of the parents based on health and temperament. The first 8 weeks of life represents HALF of the 16 week window for socialization in puppies. This is why it’s so important to know what happens during whelping & weaning. It has a direct impact on your puppy maturing into a healthy, well adjusted adult dog.

The initial deposit is $500 and holds either a specific place on the Master F1 Standard Bernedoodle list (born only from the berner mother’s) or a specific puppy pick number in a specific planned litter (ex: 3rd pick in Rocky and Suzy’s F2 Standard Bernedoodle Litter planned to arrive in May 2019). The deposit comes off of the balance on puppy pick up day.

Currently, the timeframe for a puppy on the master F1 list born from BMD mothers is for puppies born (estimated) in Summer/Fall 2019 and coming home around the holidays! If you have a gender preference, your wait could be longer or shorter depending on the families before you, litter sizes and also depending on the gender split of each litter born.

For Bernedoodle puppies born from either the Standard Poodle mom’s (also F1) or the F1 Bernedoodle mom’s (F2 puppies which are still 50% Bernese and 50% poodle), I have a few spots available for puppies ready to come home in June! Please text me for more information.

Your deposit will not be ever be lost and it is transferable if you decide to defer to the next litter or a later litter. However, if you cancel or defer within 4 weeks of the puppy pick up day and it takes more than 4 weeks to find a new furever home, the $500 deposit will go towards Foundations Training for that puppy so s/he won’t miss any time during the critical 16 week socialization period. If a new home is found prior to the puppy turning 8 weeks old, your deposit will be transferred to the puppy/litter you deferred to.

Generally speaking, deposits are non refundable. If they were refundable, there would be no way to know with certainty that the puppies born have families to go to at 8 weeks old. Part of being a responsible breeder is making sure every puppy will be either heading to their “forever” homes or to Foundations Training at 8 weeks old.

Having the 24/7 live puppy cam allows each family to see everything we do behind the scenes during the first 8 weeks of life! It’s educational, entertaining and completely transparent! You will get to see how the puppies are raised and see them anytime day or night! Most importantly, the puppy cams offer complete transparency so you know that your puppy (and next family member!) is actually being home raised verses bought from a puppy mill and sold as home raised (what many unethical breeders are doing now). You’ll know they are well cared for and socialized during the first half of the critical socialization window which closes at 16 weeks. This also means you can see them for a month after they’re born which is plenty of time to decide if you’d like to stay with your current litter or defer to another one. My goal is to make sure all of the puppies are going home or to Foundations Training for the 2nd half of the critical 16 week socialization window, if they are not staying on for Foundations Training.

**POL & 2nd POL availability***

Occasionally I decide not to keep a puppy from a litter for a Guardian Home. Usually this is because I have already placed enough puppies to replace the current mom’s when they retire after 4-5 litters. When available, the pick-of-the-litter (POL) is an additional $2000 and the 2nd POL is an additional $1500 which is due along with your $500 deposit to reserve the spot. The additional amount for POL and 2nd POL is not subtracted from the balance on puppy pick day. Rather, it’s the premium you would pay for having the 1st or 2nd pick of the litter. 1st POL/2ndPOL deposits and the “premium” amount can be paid via the PayPal button on the puppy deposit page by increasing the quantity from 1 to 3 or 4, depending on choice of POL or 2nd POL***


Foundations Training, which comes before basic obedience, focuses on 4 areas; crate training (the key to fast and successful house training), house training, socialization and learning through muscle memory to sit next to your feet as a default position. For example, if you’re out for a walk and a neighbor is approaching, when you stop to talk (or in certain circumstances continue to keep on walking 😉 your puppy will sit at attention rather than jumping on your neighbor or pulling you ahead. The final session is with the trainer(s) where you, the owner, will learn the commands and how to continue training at home. We will also answer your questions & set the proper expectations for a puppy at 10 weeks old. Please see the Foundations Training page and feel free to text me at 774-452-5567 if you would like to schedule a time to talk and learn more about Foundations Training!

Training & socialization are a continuous process and should be attended to throughout a dogs’ life. If they don’t use it, they will lose it!

Bernedoodles come in many colors & patterns. This is determined by the parents of each litter. Please see the pictures and captions below for examples of coat colors

Rocky Racoon Sitting
The coveted and unique Tri-Colored Sable Bernedoodle (found in litters sired by Rocky)

Traditional Tri-Colored (also coveted). Found uniformly in F1 litters born from Bernese Mountain Dog mom’s and also in F2 litters where one or both parents are tri-colored.


Phantom Bernedoodle puppy
Traditional Black & Brown “Phantom” Bernedoodle, non-shedding and wavy coat. Phantoms are found in F2 litters where one parent is a phantom Bernedoodle

black and white bi-colored

bi-colored bernedoodle 2

Bi-Colored Bernedoodles found in F1 litters where the mom is a Standard Poodle and also in F2 litters.

Swiss Bernedoodles! Occasionally found in an F2 Bernedoodle litter and 100% in a Swiss Bernedoodle litter.

****The prices reflect “pet only” pricing and come with a spay/neuter contract****