Where Am I On the Waiting List?

First and foremost, thank you to all of the individuals and families who have chosen to adopt from Massachuestts Bernedoodles and Goldendoodles! I am so honored. I am truly excited for you all and I look forward to seeing pictures and hearing stories about your new Bernedoodle babies as they grow up! Please visit my Facebook page @massachusettsdoodles for photos and videos of past litters 

**CURRENTLY THERE MAY BE SPOTS OPEN FOR MAZZY’S F1 LITTER DUE THIS FALL, however, this depends on how many pups are born in the next 3 litters.

The wait lists for the first Mini and Micro/Tiny Bernedoodle litters are now open and I am now accepting deposits! 

Please Note: We are relying on Mother Nature for the accuracy of the timing for these litters. Also, a gentle disclaimer: As with humans, occasionally a pregnancy doesn’t take. Those who have deposits for that litter will have to wait for the next heat cycle which is 6 months later. Also, although you may have a specsific puppy-pick spot reserved, I can not guarantee your spot with 100% certainty as unfortunate and unexpected things, like a pregnancy not taking, do happen on occasion. I will always do my best and what’s within my power to honor your spot, based on the order of the receipt of your deposit.  Thank you, in advance, for your understanding!

*  Pick of the litter (POL), owner has the right to reserve the POL and/or #2 POL (if the owner of the Sire has POL) from all litters. When available, 2nd POL is an additional $500 and POL is an additional $1000 added to the cost of your 1st or 2nd POL fur baby selected on puppy-pick-day. If available and when selected, the additional premium fee’s are due along with the $500 deposit in order to reserve your VIP puppy spot

Please fill out the puppy adoption form and then either send me an email to massdoodles@gmail.com or text me at 774-452-5567 to find out approximate wait times 🙂 With any reputable Bernedoodke breeder, there will be a waitlist. Occasionally an immediate or sooner than expected spot opens if a waitlisted family decides to postpone or drops out.

It’s always a good idea plan ahead! In most cases, bernedoodle breeders with immediate availability are either puppy mill breeders themselves or are doing shady business with puppy mill breeders (ie; buying a litter from a mill breeder for $600/pup and selling them out of their home for $3000+).