7. Pick Your Puppy by Color and Size

Do you know the color Doodle you’d like but you’re not sure about which waitlist coincides? This page is for you!

Simply scroll to the size range you prefer. Next, click the photo of the color puppy you like and a new window will open to the coinciding waitlist!

At Massachusetts Bernedoodles, all of our puppies have wonderful temperaments. Therefore, most often, choosing a puppy comes down to your size, color and gender preference.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to learn what the differences are between the F1 vs. F2 generations and “Unfurnished” vs. “Furnished” Bernedoodles.

F1 and F2 Mini Bernedoodle Colors

Approximately 30-50lbs

Traditional Tri-Colored Mini Bernedoodle
Sable-Tri Mini Bernedoodle
Black and White Tuxedo Mini Bernedoodle
Blue Merle Tri Mini Bernedoodle
Phantom Black and Brown Mini Bernedoodle
Red (chocolate) Merle Mini Bernedoodle

F1 and F2 Standard Bernedoodle Colors

Approximately 50-65lbs or 65-90+lbs depending on weight of the parents

Traditional Tri-Colored STANDARD Bernedoodle
Sable Tri Standard Bernedoodle
Tri-Brindle Standard Bernedoodle

F1b Micro and Tiny Bernedoodles

Micro’s are Approximately 20-35lbs while approximately Tiny’s are 10-20lbs

Blue Merle with Brown markings
Blue Merle with White Markings
Blue Merle with Brown and White markings
Black with Brown “Phantom” Markings
Red Merle with White Markings

Mini Goldendoodles

Approximately 30-50lbs

Mini Goldendoodle

Unfurnished vs. Furnished Bernedoodles

Unfurnished meanswithout furnishings around the mouth/beard” and occurs only in F2 Litters. Approximately 2 out of 10 puppies in each F2 litter will be unfurnished. F2 is defined as “2nd generation” meaning both parents are already F1 Bernedoodles. F2 litters have mostly Furnished, Floofy doodle looking puppies AND about 12% Unfurnished, Bernese Mtn. Dog looking puppies (but with a much longer lifespan).

An unfurnished bernedoodle puppy will look more like a Bernese Mountain Dog with short hair around their mouth, legs and feet. F2 Standard & Mini Bernedoodle litters will have approximately 12.5% unfurnished puppies in each F2 litter since both parents carry this recessive gene, one from each Bernedoodle parent. Unfurnished puppies are more likely to be low shedding vs. non shedding.

Example of an Unfurnished Bernedoodle (“Lady”) Note the face and feet aren’t fluffy, just like a berner.

Many people LOVE unfurnished bernedoodles because they love Berners but are heart broken when they pass away at 6-8 years old. They choose an unfurnished Bernedoodle puppy because the puppies look like Berners, live much longer and they’re smaller than Berners, especially the Mini Unfurnished Bernedoodles. An unfurnished bernedoodle looks like the picture above! If you like this look and don’t mind a low shedding puppy, you’ll want to be on an F2 Mini or Standard waitlist.

As discussed above, Furnished means “with furnishings around the mouth/beard” and look more like the doodle or poodle with fluffy floofy beards. F1 litters produce all Furnished Bernedoodles. All F2 litters produce ~87.5% Furnished puppies and ~12.5% Unfurnished puppies in each litter. If you want a Furnished puppy, you can go with an F1 or F2 litter but if you only want an unfurnished puppy, you’d want to be on an F2 list! See example photos below.

Why are F1’s always furnished and some F2’s unfurnished? In F1 litters, one parent is a Berner and the other is a poodle. The poodle gene for the furnished trait (aka the Beard) is dominant over the Berners gene for the unfurnished trait (aka no beard). In F2 litters, both parents are already bernedoodles, each carrying a recessive gene for being unfurnished. Therefore, approximately 12.5% of the puppies in every F2 litter will have 1 unfurnished gene from each parent resulting in an unfurnished puppy.

What about shedding? F1’s are always furnished and non shedding. Furnished F2’s are non-shedding while Unfurnished F2’s may be low shedding. In every F2 litter, about 12.5% are unfurnished, low shedding, Bernese looking puppies while the rest of the puppies in the same litter are furnished, non shedding, doodle looking puppies.

What about the health of an F1 vs. F2 puppy? As long as the parents are clear genetically and pass their OFA/PennHip testing, their puppies will be healthy too! There are no differences in health or temperament related to F1 or F2 generations of Bernedoodles. If anything, F2’s or 2nd generation puppies would be healthier in theory since they’re more generically diverse. However, again, it all comes back to the health of the parents.

What does a Furnished Bernedoodle look like? All of the photos before Lady, the unfurnished photo above, are furnished Bernedoodles. Every F2 litter typically has 86% furnished puppies and 12% unfurnished puppies.