F1 Saint Berdoodle Puppies

Updated August 2020: Saint Berdoodles are a hybrid cross between a Saint Bernard and a poodle! This lovely combination will produce 80-120lb gentle, non-shedding, and non-drooling giant teddy bears called Saint Berdoodles! Camille, Kaya and Juno will honeymoon with Sargent Pepper in the Fall/Winter of 2020 with their first litters! Anticipated (always approximate) timing for take home is Jan-March 2020. The timeline will become clear once they’ve come into their 2nd season. These list are now open and I am accepting deposits!

For upcoming availability, There are two ways to reach me:

Email: Puppyinquiries@MABernedoodles.com


please download the WhatsApp and message me on WhatsApp here!


I’ll then return a message with the upcoming availability!

Please see the “Mother’s” page for more details!