F1 Saint Berdoodle Puppies

Updated November 2020:

Saint Berdoodles are a hybrid cross between a Saint Bernard and a poodle! This lovely combination will produce 80-120lb gentle, non-shedding, and non-drooling giant teddy bears called Saint Berdoodles!

Camille, Kaya and Juno will honeymoon with Sargent Pepper in the Winter of 2020 with their first litters! Anticipated (always approximate) timing for take home is March/April 2020. The timeline will become clear once they’ve come into their 2nd season. These list are now open and I am accepting deposits!

For upcoming availability:

Email: Puppyinquiries@MABernedoodles.com

I’ll then return a message with the upcoming availability!

Please see the “Mother’s” page for more details!