The Dory Jean Graham Memorial Fund

September 5, 2022

Zelda the Magnificent! RESERVED!

For anyone/everyone who doesn’t know Miss Zelda and her story, she’s our “million dollar puppy” and one lucky lady. About 6 weeks ago, she and one of our employees (can’t say due to HIPAA) were in a bad, head on car accident with a truck. Thankfully, everyone is on the mend but, wow, was that scary.

Zelda was my “pick of the litter” puppy and was going to be a future MBD momma but she’s been through a lot in her young life so the decision has been made to adopt her out instead!


Zelda is from Amy/Jacob’s mini F1’s born on May 16, 2022 and was to be a guardian. However, from the impact of the crash, she spent nearly two weeks at Tufts ICU and they had to remove her spleen and gallbladder. She also had a small tear in one of the lobes of her liver which was sutured and is all better now. She won’t be a guardian pup because she has already been through a lot but she is now healthy and not expected to have any long term problems.

Our employee is still recovering from several broken bones and many surgeries. She was life flighted to UMASS and is lucky to be alive. She’s on the mend and we hope she will be back in action soon.

Zelda is wicked smaaat!

Zelda is now ready for a home, as you can see here! With her injuries, we can’t sell her so I thought I’d start an educational fund for MBD employees who are going to school to become a vet tech or veterinarian. SO, for Zelda, I’m asking for a donation which would represent the start of offering financial support to MBD college bound employees seeking a career in veterinary medicine. It will be called the Dory Jean Graham Memorial Fund, in honor of my mother who passed away from cancer.

In my family, College wasn’t thought of as an option. We were raised thinking that after high school comes college and so, we all went to college. Not everyone is as fortunate to have that kind of “true north” guidance and money is always a factor. The suggested donation is $2500 and 100% will go to an MBD employee headed to college this Fall.

If you are interested in Zelda please fill out the puppy adoption application and then email us at subject line “Zelda the Magnificent!”

If you would like to make a donation to the Dory Jean Graham Memorial Fund, you can PayPal me at and note the donation is for the Dory Jean Graham Memorial Fund.

Dory, my mom, enjoying one of our favorite things to do together. This is for you, mom! Your memory will forever be a blessing and will live on through this educational Fund