What Color and Patterns Do Bernedoodles’s Come In?

This is a very common question! Bernedoodles come in many colors and patterns. Please see this page for more examples of what bernedoodles look like!

Here are the most common colors and patterns!

Traditional Tri-Colored Bernedoodles have the same pattern and coloring as a berner but with non-shedding hair! Here are some examples:

Traditional Tri’s (above) seen mostly in F1 Standards, some F2 Mini’s, some Micro’s, some F1b mini’s and some F1 Mini’s when the father is prince Caspian.

Next, we have the Traditional Tri-Sable which is mostly brown with white/black markings:

This Tri-Colored Sable coat color is seen mostly in F1 Standards and both F1/F2 Mini’s!

Up next is the Traditional Blue Merle coat color! Beautiful!

Blue Merle (only when Jacob is the dad does this color come out) shown below. Seen in F1 Mini litters from Jacob and F1 Micro Aussiedoodles from Ani/Jacob

Here we have the Traditional Chocolate Tri-Colored Bernedoodle;

Chocolate Tri with traditional berner markings (often have hazel eyes) BB King father’s these and they’re more rare.

The Phantom color refers to a bi-colored black and white or brown and white bernedoodle without the white berner markings. Also gorgeous!

Phantom primary Black with Brown markings seen a lot in F1b Mini’s and F2 Mini’s occasionally

One of my favorites! The Brindle Bernedoodle is stunning!

Brindle seen in F1 Standards where Sargent Pepper is the dad

Here we have the Brown and White or Black and White “Tuxedo” Bernedoodle:

“Parti” black/white (sometimes with brown eyebrows) are seen in F1b Mini’s, F2 Mini’s, F2 standards and micro litters.

Finally, here we have the solid black or brown Bernedoodles!

Patterns of Colors:

There are 3 main patterns Bernedoodles come in:

Traditional means they have the traditional berner pattern, regardless of the color. These are all Traditional patterned bernedoodles

Next we have the “Parti” Pattern (below)

Phantom Pattern (below):

And our Mainly Solid colored Beauties! (below)