Adoption Deposit

For upcoming availability and estimated time frames, please email me at:

I’ll then return a message with the upcoming availability!!

Massachusetts Bernedoodle Puppy Deposit

Deposit for MassDoodle puppy adoption is on a first come, first serve basis. Please be sure to: 1. Email me for the list of upcoming availability at 2. Read through the reply email to decide which list you would like to be on (it’s the last question on the application but it is optional). If you are uncertain, please list your ideal weight range and color preference(s), if any, and I can help guide you. 3. Note your maiden name within the “Full Name” portion of the adoption application if it is different on PayPal (vs. the adoption form to avoid any confusion) **Deposits are 100% non-refundable, however, they are transferable to another available litter** It’s crucial that every puppy is going home or to Foundations Training at 8-9 Weeks old for proper socialization. A deposit for any “master list” category is $500. The master lists will be available to you via the puppy adoption application or the email above. The adoption application is required prior to submitting a deposit so I may send your confirmation email with your specific reservation noted. POL Reservations Only: You can increase the quantity from 1 in increments of $500 until you reach the amount required to reserve the 1st, 2nd or 3rdPOL. Please see the puppy pricing page for details. Once your deposit (and POL premium, if applicable) is submitted, I will email you back within a day to confirm your deposit has been received. Thank You and cheers! Kim Clinton, Proud Owner of Massachusetts Bernedoodles