Live Puppy Cameras!

Why do I have the 24/7 live puppy cameras?

Having the 24/7 live puppy cam allows each family to see everything we do behind the scenes during the first 8 weeks of life! It’s educational, entertaining (addictive) and completely transparent! You will get to see how the puppies are raised and see them anytime day or night! If you’re a night owl, check out the overnight puppy caregivers, Shell and Shelby, in action! It’s pretty awesome to watch them do the weights and neuro stimulation exercises!

The most important reason for the live puppy cams is the complete transparency so you know that your puppy (and next family member) is actually being raised in a healthy, nurturing environment verses bought from a puppy mill or a breeder who buys from a puppy mills and resells them to unknowing families. Unfortunately, it’s more common than you think. You’ll know they are well cared for and socialized during the first half of the critical socialization window which closes at 16 weeks. You will be able to watch them for a full month before deciding to stay or defer. This is plenty of time to decide if you’d like to stay with your current litter or defer to another one.

My goal is to make sure all of the puppies are going home or to Foundations Training for the 2nd half (8-16 weeks old) of the critical 16 week socialization window because that is what’s best for the puppies.

For upcoming availability, please download the WhatsApp and message me on WhatsApp here!

I’ll then return a message with the upcoming availability!