img_0774-1All of my dogs/pups are raised as part of the family! They are all very well socialized, loved and house trained. During the day, they are divided up into groups to play in one of our 4 play yards, much like a doggie daycare! At night, they sleep in smaller groups in bedrooms, not kennels. I don’t utilize traditional kennels because dogs are social creatures and are happiest when with people and/or playmates – just like any dog! Rather, my dogs are a pack and run and play together in the fenced in yards outside or inside.

How many litters will each mom have before she retires? I have set the limit at 4 litters in their lifetime, which is well below the standard for ethical breeders, because I figure – well.. I wouldn’t want to have more than 4 pregnancies!

Health Clearances

All of my doggie parents have had their hips and elbows certified by the OFA or PennHIP.  They must be rated either “good” or “excellent” in order to become a parent in my program. Additionally, they must all test “clear” for the most common heritable diseases by breed(s) through either PawPrint or Gensol’s genetic testing. They can not be a parent if they are “carriers” or “affected”. This means the Berner mom/dad is tested for the most common heritable diseases for Berners, Poodles tested for common poodle diseases and Bernedoodle parents are tested for the most common heritable diseases for both Poodles and Berners.  


Meet Lucy! Lucy (above) is full of personality and smart as a whip! She’s happy just to be around me and loves to snuggle up in bed. Lucy is loyal which is great when we go out for a hike because I know she won’t ever go far from my side! Lucy has honeymooned with Marco recently and is expecting her first litter of F1 Mini Bernedoodles on May 2, 2020!

This is Yoffi! (pictured above) my F1 Bernedoodle momma! She is a gorgeous and goofy lady! When paired with BB King they will produce beautiful F2 Mini Bernedoodle babies who will grow to be between 35-45lbs lbs. F2 Bernedoodles are also 50% Bernese and 50% Poodle – 2nd generation (F2). They will have wavy non-shedding coats and each litter produces a combination of Traditional Tri-colored, Sable Tri-colored & Traditional Phantom colored puppies! Both have PawPrint Genetics testing and “clear” for the most common heritable diseases for both poodles and Bernese Mtn. Dogs!

Penny Lane! (Pictured above) Miss Penny loves to play ball! She’s very playful and loving, thinks she’s a tiny lap dog, smart and great with kids! Penny is a fun loving gal who loves to play with other dogs too.

Tela is an AKC Registered Standard Poodle! She is SUPER smart, playful and sweet! She is considered a “Traditional phantom” meaning she is black with tan markings. When paired with BB King, she will produce F1b large Mini Bernedoodle babies weighing between 35-45lbs! PawPrint Genetics cleared for the most common heritable diseases for poodles and PennHip excellent hips and elbows! F1b’s are considered the best option for those with allergies too!

This is Jacki! She’s an 80lb Bernese Mountain Dog and an absolute sweetheart! Paired with Sargent Pepper, these two make beautiful F1 baby bernedoodles and SUPER sweet. Jackie is PawPrint Genetics cleared for the most common heritable diseases for Bernese Mountain Dogs and OFA “Excellent” for her hips and elbows


IMG-7862This is Cali (Left)! Cali will be a first time momma for my F2 Mini Bernedoodles in February 2020! She is from Trouble and Oshie’s 1st litter! Cali is petite, playful and gentle. An absolute sweetheart, just like her mom!

EchoMeet Echo (above)! Echo is a 70 lbs Bernese Mountain dog. Echo’s mate is Sargent Pepper and he weighs 55 lbs. Their puppies will be 55-70lbs fully grown and have wavy, non shedding coats with traditional berner markings!


This is sweet sweet Nina! Nina was recently paired with Sargent Pepper and they are expecting their first litter at the end of June 2019! Nina weighs 45lbs and Sargent Pepper weighs 55lbs so their babies will be between 45-55lbs fully grown! They will have F1 Bernedoodle’s with wavy, non shedding coats and they will have traditional berner markings!

Ladke (pictured below) is a VERY sweet girl! She loves going on long walks or hikes, plays well with everyone and absolutely loves belly rubs and to be with her people. She is a medium sized Bernese Mountain Dog at 60lbs. and is a happy-go-lucky girl! This will be her first litter coming up in 2020!

Scarlet (pictured below) will honeymoon with Sargent Pepper for the 1st time in January 2020 for F1 Large Standard Bernedoodles! Scarlet is an absolute love and is such a cuddle bug! Her babies will be between 55-85lbs fully grown!

River 1

Meet River! (Pictured above) This sweet and sassy girl has one blue eye! River is the life of the party and always up for a game of fetch! She LOVVVEEESSS to play ball and even has strangely human qualities when she can get her paws on a ball. River is a small AKC registered Berner at just 45lbs! She will have some of the smallest F1 Bernedoodles in my berner mom pack!


Demi (above) is from Rosie and Rocky’s 1st litter and a momma to her first mini bernedoodles in July 2019! Demi is a beauty! Look at those eyes! Her personality is just as beautiful and she loves to play just as much as she loves to snuggle up on the couch. Demi weighs 45 lbs with long legs and is a complete and total love bug.

This is Nova! Nova (above)is a very poised Bernese Mountain Dog and soon-to-be first time mamma! Nova will honeymoon with Sargent Pepper around May 2020 for F1 Standard Bernedoodle puppies arriving around June 2020 and going home around August 2020! Nova is playful, loves the outdoors and loves to cuddle up to everyone!


Pictured below are Janis, Suzy & Grace are known as “The Bernedoodle Sisters” around here! They are all half sisters and have calm personalities. They are so happy to go on hikes and just as happy to snuggle up and watch a movie. They all weigh about 50 lbs and have either just begun having puppies or will be by the Fall of 2019. Did I mention personality?!? They are awesome!

(Susie below!)

Suzy Greenberg (above)

Fiona (left) and Sugaree (right) are my two Mini Bernedoodle Momma’s and absolutely lap dogs! They will follow you where ever you go, even off leash, because they love to be with their human so much! Fiona is more petite and agile while Sugaree is a little more “rounded” and prefers to lounge about. They are the same height but Fiona is 32 lbs and Sugaree is 37lbs with “berner bones”

Meet Bindi! Bindi is a Mini Bernedoodle with a beautiful brindle non-shedding coat! She weighs 35lbs and, as you can see, she has the cutest expressions and a wonderful temperament! Bindi and Mr. BoJangles will honeymoon late Summer 2020 for Micro Bernedoodles!

Miss Sara (above) is a calm, loving, loves hiking and is the only dog I have ever seen actually smile with her teeth when she’s happy! Sara is a small beautiful 45 lb. Bernese Mountain Dog and the sister of Nina and River! Paired with Sargent Pepper, Sarasota will welcome her 2nd F1 Small Standard Bernedoodle litter this Summer! Their babies will weigh between 45-55lbs fully grown and have wavy, non-shedding coats with traditional BMD white markings!

This is Fee! (Pictured above) Fee is a 50lb BMD and coming up on her 1st litter in the Summer of 2020! Fee is super affectionate and absolutely LOVES to cuddle. She is loyal and can always be found right at my feet, day or night so I never have to worry about her running off! She has a quiet and calm demeanor and rarely barks any anyone or anything. Just a beautiful personality all around.

“Sweet caring and lovable. Winnie (above) is a great companion and a social butterfly. She delivers on being a loyal companion as well as a playful friend to all the kids in the neighborhood. She enjoys long walks on the beach and is a quick learner when it comes to performing tricks. Winnie delivers on being exceptional which is not surprising for this F1 Bernadoodle” Winnie will have her 1st litter of Mini Bernedoodles with BB King in 2020!

Carly (pictured above) will have her 1st litter of Mini Bernedoodles with BB King in the Spring of 2020! Carly is from Rosie and Rocky’s 1st litter in 2018 and has a playful and sweet disposition! She weighs 50 lbs and will have puppies that weigh between 35-45lbs fully grown with wavy, non-shedding coats!

Meet Marley! Marley is a 50lb F1 Bernedoodle and sweet as can be! Marley is Suzy, Grace and Janis’s sister from another litter and will have puppies that look like theirs. Non-shedding, wavy coats and, depending on the dad, will have traditional tri colored, sable tri colored or “parti” bernedoodle puppies!

Meet Nebula (above) “Nebbie” for short! Nebbie is a Bernese Mountain Dog and loves to play! She’s checking out a squirrel in this image and really wants to go chase it! She weighs about 65lbs and will be a first time mom to Mini F1 Bernedoodles in 2020! Nebbie is very sweet and playful!

This is Venezia named after one of my favorite places to visit..Venice! “Vinnie” is a smaller Bernese Mountain Dog weighing 45lbs! She will be paired with Mr. BoJangles in 2020 when she has her first litter. Together they will have small Mini traditional tri-colored Bernedoodle puppies weighing around 35lbs. Vinnie is a sweetheart and love attention. She would cuddle you all day if you let her!

Pictured above is Harper! She is the sister of Marley and Aria below! All three of them will be first time mom’s in the of Spring 2020 and are so alike that one description describes them all! They are playful but not hyper, love to go on walks/hikes, hardy ever bark and are just beautiful F1 Bernedoodles! They will have F2 Standard Bernedoodles with Rocky and then F2 Mini’s with either BB King or F1b Micros with Mr. BoJangles.

Sweet, loving Aria (pictured above) is so out going and loves attention from anyone and everyone! She is confident yet easy going. A great dog for any family, individual or couple. First timers or experienced dog owners alike!

Australian Shepherd Mother’s

Meet Ani! Ani is going to be a first time mom in the Spring of 2020 when she honeymoons with Mr. BoJangles, a toy poodle! Ani is 30lbs and together they will produce micro Aussiedoodles weighing between 10-25lbs fully grown! Ani gets along with everyone and absolutely loves going for walks and playing with other dogs!

Pictured above is Cyn! Cyn will also be honeymooning in the Spring of 2020 for F1 mini Aussiedoodles sired by Mr. BoJangles! Their puppies will weigh between 30-35lbs fully grown. Cyn LOVES everyone and is sweet to the core!

Koda (above) is another new Aussie mom! She and Mr. BoJangles will also be honeymooning in the Spring of 2020 for F1 mini Aussiedoodles sired by Mr. BoJangles! Their puppies will weigh between 30-35lbs fully grown. Koda loves music, is relaxed and very loving. She loves hiking as much as she loves to cuddle!

Saint Bernard Mom’s

Below you will see Camille, Kaya and Juno, my Saint Bernard mom’s! They will all be paired with Sargent Pepper for F1 Saint Berdoodles weighing between 80-120 lbs! If you love big, non-shedding, huge teddy bears with mellow dispositions, a Saint Berdoodle is for you! Approximate timing will be for puppies arriving in Oct/Nov. 2020 and going home December 2020/January 2021