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Updated Sept 26, 2023

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You will meet the moms, learn about their personalities and about their health testing. Below each profile is a link to their genetic test results!

Welcome to the MBD Meet The Mom’s Page!

This page is “under construction” as several mom’s are retiring this year and several new mom’s will become first time mothers!

This “changing of the guard” occurs roughly every two years since our moms are limited to 4-5 pregnancies, maximum and if no complications arrive, before retiring with their guardians. Some have 5 and some have 1 pregnancy. It all depends on how they do during pregnancy and postpartum. Some moms have no litters, if we see any traits we don’t want to pass on or when they don’t pass their health testing. All parents retire with their Guardian Families.

Congratulations to Lucy (pictured below) on her final litter! Lucy is now retired after having 5 healthy pregnancies!

All of our dogs/pups are raised as part a family! No kennel runs or crates (except for sleeping), just pure family lovins’, living a great life with either myself or our amazing and trusted guardian homes.

We have a robust Guardian Home program with only the best of the absolute BEST families to take care of them. Please check out the Guardian Home Page as we do occasionally have openings!

Through our strong desire to provide only the best for our Pawrent dogs, we have found that placing them with a Guardian Family is what makes them happiest, even when compared to when we had the upscale doggie daycare built just for MBD pawrents. Nothing can substitute hanging out in a family environment every night! Therefore, we made the transition to placing nearly all of our Pawrent dogs with Guardian homes… minus my pack of 8 dogs who live with me in Ashby. Now, the rest of the MBD pack lives with their Guardian family and will come to MBD for for honeymooning and, of course, for having puppies then they go back home!

We are Professional Breeders and Puppy Raisers. We are also teachers to all MBD employees and to student interns/coop’s

from prestigious schools such as Tufts, UMASS and other New England colleges, as the topic of Canine Reproductive Medicine is only taught through large animals like cows and/or via text books at Universities.

We have the “hands on” knowledge and absolutely love being able to teach responsible breeding practices!

We have tons of support with our network of Veterinarians and our very own State-Of-The-Art equipment including our Neonate Puppy Incubator and IDEXX lab equipment. We take pride in our professionalism.

We are Staffed 24/7, 365 Days/Yr to Ensure both Mom’s and Puppies are Receiving the BEST Possible Care along with 2000+ More Hours of Socialization for our Puppies!

When compared to Breeders who don’t Provide 24/7 Care, MBD stands out! Having an overnight caregiver means 2000+ hours of additional socialization when compared to breeders who don’t have an overnight caregiver. Further, we have never lost a mom due to complications before, during or after birthing and our neonate death rate, including stillborn puppies, is >2%.

Of course, the Guardian Crew will come for regular visits and to meet their new grand puppies too!

You’ll see All of the Action at MBD on the Live Puppy Cameras!

When the moms retire, after a maximum of 4-5 litters or by 5 yrs old, they will retire with their guardians furever.

As the seasons change, so does MBD so we are constantly improving year after year. We most recently added Mini Goldendoodles to the menu! We now have our very own training facility so when our parent dogs are visiting, they spend the day training now! They also love going for walks and playing in one of our 5 outdoor play arenas. This makes for a great environment when they aren’t with their guardian families!

They all live normal, happy doggie lives! This is the way it should be for every dog, including mom/dad dogs

With all of our parent dogs living normal dog lives, all are very well socialized, loved and well trained. I don’t believe in utilizing traditional kennel runs because that would be like living in jail. They do, however, sleep in a crate at bedtime to maintain house training. I chose this model because dogs are social creatures and are happiest when with their people and/or playmates – just like any dog!


How many litters will each mom have before she retires?

I have set the limit at 4 to 5 litters in their lifetime, which is well below the acceptable number for AKC breeders. I personally wouldn’t want to have more than 4 -5 pregnancies so that’s where I set the limit.

However, if complications arise during pregnancy or during postpartum then she would skip a cycle to rest or retire early with her guardian family. This is decided on a case by case basis and always with the guidance of our veterinarian. We always follow the guidance of our veterinarian!

Health Clearances

All of my Pawrents have OFA or PennHIP certifications. We are transitioning to PennHip for the future as this test is reliably performed at 4 months old, much earlier than OFA and with greater accuracy. Each dog must be rated within the acceptable norm for their breed by a licensed veterinarian to become a parent in my program. Genetically, they must not be “affected” by any of the most common heritable diseases by breed(s). We do this genetic testing through either PawPrint, Embark or Gensol’s genetic testing. Daughters/Sons of Pawrents already cleared by PennHip and Embark are “clear by parentage” meaning they don’t need to get this testing done because they are already genetically clear from having healthy parents.

INTRODUCING THE Massachusetts Bernedoodles and Goldendoodle MOM’S!


Narnya is a stunning, sweet and lovable 1.5 year old Bernese Mountain Dog, straight from the Ukraine! She is the perfect size at just 65lbs fully grown, Berner Booty and all.

Narnya is in her glory when she’s romping around the yard or playing tug-of-war with a furry playmate. She will have her 1st F1 Mini Bernedoodles Summer of 2023! When no one is around to play with, she occupies herself contently with a kong monkey looking for a cool place to lay down and enjoy life to the fullest! See this link for her Embark results!


“Mila is a 40lb F1 Bernedoodle momma and a favorite amongst humans and dogs! She loves to give hugs and to go for car and boat rides! Her paws are always quick to get your attention when she needs a good pat! She loves to stick her head out of the window and watch the world go by. Her favorite toy is a squeaky piece of pumpkin pie. She loves to lay on her back and squeak it until someone tells her to stop lol She listens well! Her guardian family means the world to her as she is super loving and nurturing. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her kind heart and her giant spirit. She is one of a kind and we are so lucky to have her!” ~ Mila’s Guardian Family

Mila’s Genetic Testing:


Sky is the daughter of “Lucy in the Sky” (1st photo on this page) and Sargent Pepper! She is a Sable Tri-Colored Standard Bernedoodle who just loves cuddles and fun! While she may look big, Sky is very lean and tall at 55lbs, like a poodle. She never went through any sort of hyper puppy phase. Sky is as cool as a cucumber! She has the perfect temperament for a Service Dog or Emotional Support Dog so her puppies will also have these traits! You can most often see Sky galloping around, playing with her four legged friends. She loves all other dogs! At night, she likes to snuggle up while watching TV and then she enjoys her own space on her dog bed once the lights go out. Here are Sky’s genetic test results!


Latte is a smaller Mini Bernedoodle at just 30lbs and full of of snuggly love! She is a Red Brindle (aka Chocolate Brindle). Latte absolutely LOVES playing with her besties, Jolene, Millie Vanilli and Narnya, as well as any other dog (or cat!) willing to play! She loves learning new commands and she’s quick to please whoever is watching. Cuddles? Oh yes, Latte will take all the cuddles and snuggles offered! Go for a walk or run? SHE’s IN!

Latte will be a first time mom in 2023/2024 with Mini, Micro or Tiny Bernedoodles, depending on the waitlists. You can be sure they will be amazing puppies no matter what size they are! They will be cuddly, happy, healthy and loving, just like mom and dad! Latte is “clear by parentage” (Shelby’s genetics below, Jacob’s on the dad page)


As written by her guardians, “Janie is out sweet and snuggly little girl. She 100% believes she is a lap dog at 107 lbs haha and insists on ALL the love. She wants all the pats and all the lovins’! She loves snacks, snoozing on the deck and chewing on the biggest sticks she can find! Despite her size, she is incredibly agile and catches mice and moles in the back yard! She loves to dog but she’s smart and knows to stay out of the garden.

Janie loves playing with her other canine siblings and really enjoys the colder weather. She spends hot days lounging on the cool tiles in the bathroom or under the deck in the shade. She walks beautifully on a leash and likes to stick right by my side. She’s incredibly affectionate and loves to play TAG! Watching her get the big girl zoomies is one of my favorite things about her. It’s absolutely hilarious! If you love affectionate dogs who would never even consider running off, Janie is the mama for you!” Here are her embark results!


As written by Mya’s Guardian Family, “Mya is by my side or, better described as on my lap, most of the time. She has no idea she’s a fully grown Berner at 90lbs! Mya is 92 lbs of pure LOVE and has an extremely calm and easy going temperament. She is completely unphased by her little human siblings, including babies, who have very little self control. She is patient and allows them to climb on her and even occasionally they pull her ears. Still, she’s a calm mama and loves them unconditionally.

Mya does not bark at people, cars or other dogs when out in public. She enjoys chewing her bones and never gets into something she isn’t supposed to. She’s smart and catches on very quickly when learning new tricks and with obedience training. She takes pride in doing things right! Mya is a giant love bug who enjoys giving her mom hugs and kisses whenever she can! She enjoys dancing with my husband and taking naps with my daughter. She is very food motivated which is great for training!” Click here to see Mya’s health clearances!


IMG-7862This is Cali! Cali is a momma for our F1b Mini Bernedoodles! Cali is a standard Bernedoodle but petite at just 50lbs. She’s playful, gentle and very smart. She is an absolute sweetheart! Cali loves people, other dogs, taking walks, learning new tricks and, of course, cuddling with her guardians! She’s easy going and gets along well with all dogs and people of all sizes!

Cali is the daughter of Charlie and Mazzy Starr. She is genetically clear by parentage.


As written by her guardian family “Sequoia is an F1 Bernedoodle who loves to go on hikes, enjoys paddle boarding on the lake, boating and riding in the car with her head out the window while cruising around the town! She loves her morning and evening walks and especially lounging around watching Netflix or Hulu to chill out at night with mom and dad. She prides herself on keeping the lawn squirrel free! Sequoia loves meeting other dogs and people. She’s friendly to everyone and loyal to her family!”

Sequoia’s puppies will weigh approximately 30-50lbs fully grown. She is the daughter of Nina and Sargent Pepper so she is genetically clear by parentage! Sargent Pepper’s results are on the Meet the Dad’s Page. Here are Nina’s genetic results:


Roxie says “Cheese”! This girl actually smiles! Roxie is fun, outgoing and playful yet CALM. She is just as happy to snuggle on the couch as she is to go outside and play or go for a walk. She can always be found by her humans side and would never run away. Roxie is a Sable colored Bernedoodle and weighs ~50-55lbs. She is lean like a poodle, has a non-shedding coat and acts like a human! She really does think she’s a human lol. Here are Roxie’s Embark Results


Nova is a very poised, majestic looking Bernese Mountain Dog and soon-to-be retired mamma! She will have one last litter in the Spring of 2023 then she will retire with her Guardian family and sister, Nebula. Nova is gentle, calm, loves the outdoors and loves to cuddle up to everyone! She prefers cooler weather, like most Berners, but she would gladly stand in the heat if it meant being together with her humans! Here are Nova’s Genetic Results!


“Nebbie” for short! Nebbie is a Bernese Mountain Dog and she loves to play! She is a very silly and very cuddly girl who thinks she’s a lap dog. Nebbie weighs about 70lbs and paired with Sargent Pepper, they will have F1 Standard Bernedoodles weighing approximately 55-65lbs fully grown.

When paired with Jacob or Hendrix, she would have 25-45lb Mini Bernedoodles. She is the absolute sweetest girl and gets along with any other dogs. She also loves the snow! She’s very relaxed but also attentive to her people. Here are Nebula’s Embark Results!


Frankie a.k.a Franklin, Frank.. This one is a HAM! She has expressions for miles and adores cookies, belly rubs and playing with dogs, cats and anything that can play with her! She loves anything to do with water, lounging in her favorite position which is “belly up” and sitting on her humans lap! Frankie thinks she’s a lap dog but she just missed the mark at almost 90lbs! Shhhh… don’t tell her she’s not petite! Frankie just had her first litter of F1 Mini Bernedoodles in September 2022! Here are Frankie’s Embark Results!


Bindi is a Mini Bernedoodle with a beautiful brindle non-shedding coat! She weighs 35lbs and, as you can see, she has the cutest expressions and a wonderful temperament! Bindi and Jacob will honeymoon for Micro Bernedoodles! They will weigh approximately 15-25lbs fully grown. Bindi is Fiona and BB King’s daughter and she’s clear by parentage! Please see BB King’s Genetic results HERE and here are Fiona’s Results:


This is Piper! Piper is a sweet and lovable girl with tons of cuddles to give, anytime, anywhere! She had her 1st litter in May 2021 and she is such a wonderful mama. Piper is super sweet and loves everyone she meets. She’s as active or a lazy as you want to be!

Piper weighs about 35lbs and she is fully grown. If you like lighter coat colors, Bindi is a great choice because most of her puppies have white or combination white and Merle non-shedding coats. Piper is also Fiona and BB King’s daughter and she’s clear by parentage! Please see BB King’s Genetic results HERE and here are Fiona’s Results:


Meet “Baby Kylie” (above) “Nobody puts Baby in the Corner” named after the coming of age movie Dirty Dancing, Baby is a “Phantom” aka black and brown Mini Bernedoodle! She’s smart, loves playing with other dogs, kids and lounging around with mum.

Baby honeymooned for the first time Spring of 2022 with Jacob for F1b Mini/Micro Bernedoodles! Wow, they are STUNNING! Their puppies will weigh approximately 15-25lbs fully grown. Baby is Tela Anya and BB King’s daughter and she’s clear by parentage! Please see BB King’s Genetic results HERE and here are Tela Anya’s Results:


Here’s “Buttons” with her adorable little expressions! She’s probably one of the most expressive and outgoing bernedoodles I’ve ever met and loves playing her 5 human siblings BUT her human mama is her favorite! They have a morning routine which includes coffee and fetch! Then it’s off to the bus stop to send the kids to school. After school, she drives to all of the sports activities and hangs out in the bleachers with the other Pawrents.

Buttons will honeymoon with Jacob or Hendrix for Micro Bernedoodles in 2023. Their puppies will weigh approximately 15-25lbs fully grown, perfect for traveling with your dog. Micro Bernedoodles are great for airplane travel because they can travel in the cabin with their “hoomans” yay! Buttons is the daughter of BB King and Stevie! She is clear by parentage! Please see BB King’s Genetic results HERE and here are Stevie’s


Talulah Talulah! What a beautiful girl this one is. She’s sweet, smart, goofy, playful and lovvvvves everyone she meets! Her favorite activities, like playing fetch and going for walks, always involve her humans otherwise she will wait patiently until they’re ready. Talulah sincerely believes she is also a human and as such, she likes to sleep on the bed. She’s like a weighted blanket!

Here are Talulah’s genetic test results! She will be a 2nd time mom in 2023!


Miss Jolene is a calm, loving, lazy girl and emotional support dog! She loves hiking if, and only if, her favorite girl is going too! Jolene is one of the only dogs I have ever seen that will actually smile with her teeth when she’s happy! Jolene is a small, beautiful 65 lb. Bernese Mountain Dog from Ukraine. She is the sister of Billie Jean, Rigby and Narnya. All four sisters are from the Ukraine which is known for producing healthy, smaller Berners with the “boxie” square head. Jolene will welcome her 1st F1 Bernedoodle puppies this Winter 2023! These F1 Bernedoodle babies will weigh approximately 25-35lbs if Mini’s or 50-65lbs if Standards fully grown and have wavy, non-shedding coats with traditional BMD white markings! Here are Jolene’s Embark results!


Carly will have F1b Mini Bernedoodles with Jacob! Their puppies are absolutely stunning with red and blue Merle colors. Carly has a playful and sweet disposition. She loves playing with people and dogs alike. She is patient and can always be found on the couch, hanging around just keeping an eye on her human sisters She weighs ~50 lbs and has a wavy, non-shedding coat. Here are Carly’s Embark results!


This is Venezia named after one of my favorite places to visit..Venice! “Vinnie” is a smaller Bernese Mountain Dog weighing 50lbs! She will honeymoon for her last litter with Jacob for F1 Mini Bernedoodle pups in Spring 2023. Together they will have F1 Mini Bernedoodles with non-shedding coats. Her puppies will weigh approximately 25-45lbs. Vinnie is a sweetheart and loves attention. She would cuddle you all day if you let her! Venezia retires in 2023!


Opa!! Opatija is named after Opatija, Croatia, one of the most beautiful towns found along the northern coat of Croatia which is full of wonderful, friendly people. Opa is so funny and has very human-like qualities about her. She’s affectionate, easy going, goofy, smart and about as loyal as they come! Her personality has human-like qualities. She is always by my side and doesn’t need a leash to stick around. She hops around like a bunny whenever she’s excited and especially if she knows we are going in the car! Opa and Ringo Starr will honeymoon in Fall 2022 for Mini Bernedoodles. Anticipated colors include traditional Tri-color, brindle and maybe even chocolate tri-colored puppies. Opa retires in 2024!

Opa is the daughter of Monique and Sargent Pepper! She is genetically clear by parentage. Please see Sargent Pepper’s genetic results on the “meet the dads” page and here are Monique’s results!


Delilah is a sweetheart and wow does she make beautiful bernedoodle babies! She had her 2nd stunning litter of traditional tri-colored Mini Bernedoodles in 2022! We will repeat the same pairing with Ringo Starr in the Spring of 2023 with puppies weighing approximately 35-45lbs fully grown. Delilah is a very sweet, cuddly, beautiful girl who just loves to be snuggled. It doesn’t matter much what you’re doing as long as she can enjoy it with you!

Delilah is the daughter of Nina and Sargent Pepper! She is genetically clear by parentage. Please see Sargent Pepper’s genetic results on the “meet the dads” page and here are Nina’s results!


Amy is a giant mush! She is a Bernese Mountain Dog and she has one blue eye! Combined with a poodle to make Bernedoodle, some of her puppies will have blue eyes too!

Amy enjoys playing with her fur-siblings outside, laying in the shade, going for (slow) walks, lounging around the house, watching TV and any activity that involves relaxing! She loves belly rubs, toys, dogs, cats, kids, food and Family! Here are Amy’s Embark Results!

Baby Raleigh and Baby Amy (pictured above)


Mama Nyx, all grown up and just had her own babies in 2022! They are gorgeous, non shedding Micros with light colored coats. Nyx loves being outside, going out with her favorite human boy, cuddling on the couch, watching movies (especially movies with dogs) and being around the family. She’s a snuggle bug! Nyx is the daughter of Opatija (Opa, see above) and BB King (see dad’s page) so she is genetically clear by parentage!

Baby Nyx pictured below


Mama Dakota, aka the Cottonelle puppy all grown up! Dakota is 35lbs and looks like a Goldendoodle! She is a Swiss Bernedoodle meaning she’s as white as the snowy caps of Switzerland! Dakota just had her first Micro babies in March 2022 with Jacob! Dakota is very social, loves being with other dogs and making herself comfortable no matter where she is! She’s a queen… Dakota is clear by parentage!


Will you be my BFF forever? Belle LOVES her humans, neighborhood dogs and anyone she meets! Belle is 30lbs of love! She loveeeees going for car rides, Camping, Swimming, Hiking, and anything her humans want to do! She is a complete joy. Luna weighs ~30lbs and she is a Blue Merle Small Mini Bernedoodle!

Belle enjoys going to her small human sports games and soaking up ALL of the attention. Her best dog friend is Buttons and they have almost daily playdates together with the kids in the neighborhood. Belle just had her first litter in 2023! Genetics? Click the link!!



Shelby aka “Mocha Java Yum Yum” for short, is smart, loving and very outgoing! Shelby is 40lbs of sweetness! She loves going places and seeing new things. Adventures? Sign her up! She can keep up with anyone! And yes, she is a princess with beautiful eyes! Shelby will be having Teacup or Micro Bernedoodles with in Summer 2023! She is also clear by parentage!

The “NEW KIDS On The Block” & 2025-2026 Mom’s!

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