Black Week 2022


Eligible: All Puppies on the “Available Now” page!

These puppies have been in training at MBD UNIVERSITY for Foundations, a $1500 value, and Associates in Hospitality, a $2500 value! That’s a total savings of $4000 in FREE TRAINING!

Commands Included: SIT, DOWN and HEEL. WANT MORE? OKAY! Every puppy is crate trained and house trained!One Hour Take Home Training Lesson Included!

Welcome to Massachusetts Bernedoodles and thank you for visiting! We are so glad you came. MBD is proudly kennel-free, highly ethical and completely transparent with our 24/7 live puppy cameras!

Please see our very special, one time only Available Puppies page! Tis’ The Season and Two Bernedoodles are always better than one!

We are based out of Ashby, Massachusetts and welcome visitors by appointment. Here, we invite you to learn about how amazing Bernedoodles are, about us and what makes MBD so incredibly unique!

This is “Pearl” one of our beautiful Turn Key Bernedoodle puppies! She happens to be a Swiss Bernedoodle too!

We occasionally have last minute openings and, guess what! It’s your lucky day! Right now is one of those times as many families had summer travel plans and deferred until the Fall! We will always do the right thing for our puppies and so…

Smiling yet?

We have some very

Exciting Barknouncements!

Tis’ The Season!

1. WAITLISTS: Our Waitlists are open, and not too long! We are accepting reservations for 2022-2025!

In addition, we also have 2 available puppies in Turn Key Training!

These Available and Turnkey puppies are all healthy, beautiful, smart and playful but they are not at all hyper.

In my opinion, having a calm temperament is one of the best qualities found in Bernedoodles! Combining a working breed, ie; the majestic and loyal Bernese Mountain Dog, with a super smart hunting breed, ie; the Poodle, consistently produces the “Perfect” non-shedding Bernedoodle companion.

Just as every person is unique, so is each Bernedoodle! The variety of colors and patterns are endless BUT the temperament stays consistent and that comes back to choosing great parent dogs.

Nature AND Nurture, it has to be both in order to consistently turn out amazing Bernedoodle puppies. They are, by far, the calmest most loving doodle breed I have ever encountered.

2. Turnkey Puppies! We are now offering Turnkey Trained puppies! Check out this link for more details!

Featured in this video, Mocha! Mocha is practicing her training commands with lots of distractions around at Home Depot. She is also being socialized with places, loud noises and SANTA! Mocha is one of our Available Puppies in our Turkey Puppy Program!

3. Back by Popular Demand, GOLDENDOODLES! Yes, you heard right, we will be bringing you Mini Goldendoodles in 2023! The waitlist has just opened for Millie the mellowest Golden Retriever Puppy everrrr! Stay Tuned and/or be one of the first to join the waitlist! We are planning a Mini Goldendoodle litter for Fall/Winter 2023!

Click HERE to Meet Millie!

4. Guardian Home Program: We currently have 0 openings in our Guardian Home program! Click here to learn about becoming a MBD Guardian! It’s awesome.

5. Community: New in 2022, MBD is proud to offer puppies as part of the Dory J. Graham Memorial Fund! While available on a limited/occasional basis to those who need an emotional support animal (ESA), comfort animal or service dog, we believe in supporting our communities and showing gratitude to MBD’s Dream Team of employees. These puppies are limited to children, police officers or other types service men and women and veterans (THANK YOU for your service) of Emotional Support Animals. There is a minimum suggested donation amount of $3000. These funds will go towards your pups training and to one of our very own MBD employees heading to or back to college in 2023.

Congratulations to Thomas Bianco as the 1st recipient of this award! Thomas now attends UMASS as a full time student in their Pre Veterinary program! He’s always having story time at MBD….haha!

6. California Delivery and more! We Are Now offering “White Glove” Puppy Delivery! We don’t ship puppies alone because it’s not safe and it would be scary for a little puppy. We don’t even use outside companies to transport our puppies due to the risk of Parvo and/or parasites. Instead, we hand deliver each puppy with our very own MBD employees. Whether it’s a plane ride or a car ride, we have you covered! This way, your puppy is safe for the whole journey and would not be exposed to other puppies that may have illness or parasites. Travel fee’s apply.

Doodles in Pairs are the best! “Cappy” (pictured below) is a Blue Merle Mini Bernedoodle. He traveled all the way to the United Kingdom! We never ship puppies, rather, we deliver our babies personally, with MBD employees, for their safety and your convenience.

We will personally deliver your puppy to you! There is an extra fee for delivery as we do have to pay our MBD employees’ time and airfare. We hand deliver from our door to yours and with our own employees!

Please fill out a puppy adoption application and/or e-mail Elisa at Elisa@MABernedoodles.com. You may also call/text (978) 956-4838. For the adoption application, please click here.

  • Exclusive to MBD customers, our 24/7 Live Streaming Puppy Cameras! We are the only completely transparent breeder nationwide to offer eight full weeks of live puppy action! As soon as your puppy is born, you will have access to our live 24/7 puppy cams so you can see the quality of care given to all of our dogs and puppies. They are viewable from birth all the way through to “Gotcha Day” at 8 weeks old. It’s a very special journey to be part of! Very few breeders offer this unlimited access because puppies poop a lot and they have bigger poops as they get bigger. That is why breeders generally don’t offer live puppy cameras and if they do, they have limited hours or they turn off right around the time is starts to get a little messy. However, puppies can’t regulate their body temperature at all until six weeks old and can’t fully control their body until eight weeks old. They are also susceptible to more because, well, their still very young and therefore have immature immune systems. Similar to human babies. Puppies under 8 weeks old should always have access to heating element to warm up for their own safety and that means a camera can always be present, even when they change rooms for socialization. We don’t hide anything and we know that you know …puppies poop! They even have poop parties! You’ll see! But you’ll also see everything else that goes into puppy raising which is transparent, educational and entertaining! There’s no guessing as to your pups’ life experience between 0-8 weeks old because you get to see it all in real time, live, ANYtime of the day or night. We are proud of our work here at MBD and we would love for you to be an active part of the journey to bringing your new fur baby home. Visit our adoption application and/or contact page to learn about upcoming availability!
  • MBD Guardian Homes are a huge part of our core here at MBD. Having a Guardian Home program is the gold standard for quality of care. We consider our Guardians as MBD’s extended family and are approved by the owner, personally. Guardian homes can be for puppies and/or adults and you can even have more than one! We want our parent dogs to be happy and that means no kennels, lots of love, living in a regular home surrounded by amazing people and kids and going to watch them play at their games! They love their babies, like we do, and have a limited number of pregnancies. Five, at the most, if everything goes perfectly. This is compared to NINE litters which is the AKC’s acceptable number of litters per mom. We even have a Guardian club!
  • Traditional crates are great for house training and for safety, when they’re puppies. That’s about it. Most breeders use kennel runs which is “okay” but we want happy dogs. Happy dogs, happy puppies! At MBD, we don’t use kennel runs because we have our guardians and our very own dedicated MBD Doggie Daycare, exclusively for our Pawrents. We have an excellent Guardian Home program where most of our MBD Pawrents live. With this model, MBD will never become over crowded, dogs would never ever be over bred and they are ALL happy happy happy dogs. GREAT NEWS! We are now accepting applications for new guardian families/homes! To learn more, please visit the guardian page and then e-mail us at Elisa@MAbernedoodles.com with the subject line “MBD’s extended family!”

As the owner, I take tremendous pride in being a responsible and highly ethical bernedoodle breeder. We have a 24/7 nursery and our customers have access to our 24/7 live puppy cameras! Entertaining, educational and transparent! It’s live and streaming at MBD! Our puppies are cuddled and loved by people from the day they are born and you get to see it all!

I do not believe that any dog should live their life in a kennel and/or for the sole purpose of breeding. Therefore, I have made the decision to keep the environment for my parent dogs kennel-free in our exclusive MBD doggie daycare! Please click HERE to take a virtual tour of MBD!

All of our parent dogs either live with guardian families or at MBD! They play together in their groups by day, in one of our six doggie play arenas, and sleep together by night! Some sleep in crates at night in order to maintain their house training but usually my bed is quite full! At MBD, we maintain the highest standard of care for every dog and puppy. They are all very well socialized, much loved and very happy! This has been and always will be a very important part of our mission here at MBD- to promote highly ethical breeding practices and to teaching students and employees how to be the best puppy raisers and Doggie Doula’s in the USA! The MBD Dream Team!

(Doodles in pairs pictured above! A Tri-Sable Bernedoodle on the left and a traditional Tri-colored Bernedoodle on the right)

The best way to find the most up to date information and in the fastest way is to… follow these steps or reach out to Elisa on the “contact us and travel” page.

The Process:

1. Please take a few moments to explore the website! Learn about Bernedoodles and what makes us unique at MBD! Our 24/7 puppy cameras are fantastic. Most of your questions will be answered on this website. It’s important to do your research and due diligence in order to identify, and ultimately select, a reputable, ethical breeder. Conversely, please also research what a puppy mill is and what it looks like so you can be sure not to buy from a puppy mill.

Exclusive to MBD, we are the only completely transparent breeder nationwide to offer 8 full weeks of live streaming access to our live 24/7 puppy cams! It’s an EPIC Journey you won’t want to miss.

Caution: Extreme cuteness overload may occur and could last several decades. Tendency to become addictive and you may want more than one..

2. Click here and/or here to learn about colors and patterns Bernedoodles come in and click here to learn about temperament by category!

3. Click here to learn about our puppy pricing and click here to find the 5 minute puppy adoption application. Filling this out will prompt Elisa to reach out to you via email with our upcoming availability. Don’t forget to indicate which list you would like to be on after reviewing the Upcoming Availability google document referenced above. The last question asks which list you’d like to be on.

4. If you know how big you’d like your Bernedoodle to be, what colors you like and around when you’ll be ready to welcome a puppy into your home, then you’re ready! You can go ahead fill out the 5 minute adoption application and place a deposit via the PayPal button on the puppy deposit page. You will receive a confirmation email within 1-2 business days. PayPal is our deposit method of choice because it offers YOU protection against the many scams out there currently. It’s easily documented and easy to look up transactions for both of us too, if needed. However, we do accept other payment methods for the balance when you come to choose your puppy!

5. Additional questions? Check out our new FAQ’s page here https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AR81AHqyjJlk9tV46da755TtMr1dEhAwW2PbcdVRYtw/edit

Or Email Puppyinquiries@MAbernedoodles.com with any other questions OR call Elisa at (978) 956-4838

Please be patient as we receive many inquiries every day and, most importantly, puppies and doggo’s to take care of 🙂

When you decide to purchase a doodle pup from Massachusetts Bernedoodles, you are embarking on a journey! You get to see your puppy from the day they are born until the day they come home via the live 24/7 puppy cams! If you are looking for a puppy immediately, you won’t find one here as they are reserved well in advance because of the care and attention we put into raising these precious Doodle babies. However, on occasion, there are last minute openings! It’s happens!

Jackie & Sargent Pepper

You are very welcome to visit by appointment and to see the environment in which these beautiful dogs and puppies are raised!

(Blue Merle Mini Bernedoodle at 9 weeks old)

Bernedoodles are by far, the most loving, loyal, loving, family friendly, non-shedding, most intelligent canine companions created. They come in many sizes depending on the sizes of the mother and father. Colors can vary widely but generally stay to all black & white, brown and black, Black/white/brown, sable tri-colored and Brown and white puppies! They’re all gorgeous!

Every Doodle from MBD is one-of-a-kind with the most wonderful, family-friendly temperaments. It is always so exciting to see what each litter will look like! Please click on this hyperlink “What do bernedoodles look like” for examples!

A Mini Bernedoodle at 3 months old pictured above. Her color is called “blue Merle” and she will be approximately 25-35lbs bs fully grown

Many people inquire about doodles and if they are “hypo-allergenic”. Typically, when a person is allergic to any animal, it can be the dander, saliva and/or coat that they are allergic to. As a result, it would be irresponsible to say that Bernedoodles, or any doodles, are 100% hypo-allergenic pets. However, doodles are widely accepted as the best dog for most people who have fur related allergies.

F1 Standard Bernedoodle at 4 months old