Massachusetts Bernedoodles Higher Education and Training Program

Updated June 22, 2019

The Massachusetts Bernedoodle Academy is in session! We are now offering the following board and train Training Degree Programs.

Level 1 – Foundations Training

Level 2 – Associates of Manners Degree

Level 3 – Bachelor Off Leash Degree

Level 4 – Master of Canine Good Citizen

Level 5 – Fellowship in Emotional Support

Level 6 – The Service Dog Doctorate

Doggie Training Programs are available from Foundations Training through Service Dog training! We offer elite training programs with the best of the best trainers around. These are “board and train” programs where your fur baby can learn everything from the basics to Service Dog certificates.

At no time will your fur baby be left at a training facility like most other board and train programs are run. Just as I don’t agree with housing my dogs in a traditional kennel environment, my amazing trainer doesn’t agree with leaving your Fido/ette alone at night either. Every doggo/ette enrolled is trained in a home setting at my trainers house. They go on daily adventures for socialization too- see the Home Depot video below. However, at night they go home with Alyssa, my dog trainer extraordinaire, to become accustomed to living in a home (with manners)!

The options for training are limitless (well..learning to fly might be a challenge 😉 and vary in the time it takes to achieve the milestone you have in mind. For some, just manners and basic obedience will do. For others and for various reasons, advanced training is a must! You’re decisions, after puppy pick day, include

A. What degree of training do you want your puppy to achieve?

B. Would you like your doggie back in between degrees until s/he is ready for the next level?

And Finally..

C. Would you like a fully trained doggo prior to bringing him/her home? This is also know as a “turn key puppy” .. NO work needed! Just maintenance!

Level 1 – Foundations Training

This video demonstrates how the muscle memory work, as part of Foundations Training, is taught to your puppy!

Foundations Training begins after you pick your puppy on puppy pick day which happens when the puppies are between 8-9 weeks old. This training comes before basic obedience and sets The Foundation for a happy, well adjusted adult dog who is much more attentive to your commands.

How Long is Foundations Training? We want our puppy NOW …. Why do some puppies stay on for 2 weeks of training while others take just one week? This is important to understand.

As a gentle reminder, the goals for this training are crate training, house training (as much as a puppy that age can be-small bladders), socialization, learning through muscle memory that their default position is to sit or lay down when on a leash or when you stop walking and, finally, setting the appropriate foundation for your puppy that the humans in the home are the ones that call the shots! Not the other way around. I’m sure you have seen what this looks like through other people (of course) and their naughty doggo’s.

Here is how it works…

If the puppy cries/howls/barks or is otherwise stressed out for an hour in the crate on the 1st night, then we know we need to take crate training much slower and keep the puppy for a week if crate training and send the puppy to Alyssa to continue the crate training/house training and begin the Foundational work.

However, if on the 1st night in the crate, the puppy whines for 10-15 mins but then settles down for the night, s/he moves right into the Foundations work.

Why is this important? Because the neuro pathways for socialization close at 16 weeks for all puppies. The goal is to complete the crate/house/foundations work and get your puppy out into the world, with you, as soon as they are ready and without cutting corners on their training. This is why some puppies take two weeks and some puppies take just one week. Does that make sense?

Foundations Training Focuses on 4 Key Areas;

  1. Crate Training -The key to fast, successful house training and the easiest area to “mess up”, even for the most experienced dog owners.
  2. House Training – Who doesn’t want their puppy house trained quickly? Happy Wife, Happy Life, gentlemen and women..
  3. Socialization – Continuing the socialization process but in the outside world with outside noises. This can be individualized based on sounds the puppy will need to be familiar with once s/he goes home. For example, your pup will be born in the suburbs but may be living in the city with busy/loud streets and many many people. This can also be a safety must as well!
  4. Muscle Memory Training – The art of learning through muscle memory! Your puppy will sit next to your feet as their default position. For example, if you’re out for a walk and a neighbor is approaching with their new baby, grand baby or fur baby. You can actually choose to stop and talk rather than worry about what Fido/ette might do! Why? Because your puppy will have learned to sit at attention rather than yielding to their instinct to jump on your neighbor, jump in the stroller, pull you ahead or back out of his/her collar (which, of course, leads to a full on game of “chance the puppy” in 100 degree (or 0 degree) weather 😉

Foundations training concludes with the final training session where you, the owner,  will learn the commands and how to continue training both at group basic obedience classes and at home. We will also answer all of your questions & set the proper expectations for a puppy at 10 weeks old. Please text me at 774-452-5567 if you would like to schedule a time to talk and learn more about Foundations Training!

Training & socialization are a continuous process and should be attended to throughout a dogs’ life. If they don’t use it, they will lose it!

Level 2

Associates of Manners Degree

The skills your best buddy will learn include phenomenal leash training and the exceptionally impressive “Place” command. These skills will make taking a walk, run or hike a breeze! The “place” command is especially useful during meal times to avoid begging and other disruptive and sometimes even embarrassing behaviors. It’s especially helpful when having guests over and those yummy, irresistible chicken wings are out along with many other tantalizing dishes (which were slaved over all day) are out for your human guests to enjoy. Your beautiful Massachusetts Bernedoodle will stay in his/her place until the release command is given. Wow, Good Dog!

Let’s follow Motek on his Journey through his Associates Degree and onto his Bachelors Degree! Please see this video below which also demonstrates our methods of training.

Demonstrating his amazing manners and budding obedience training, this young adolescent is practicing the skills he learned in the yard but in a real world scenario. Super important!

Level 3

Bachelor of Off Leash and Recall

Isn’t this what every dog owner strives for? A good dog that comes when s/he is called and knows “chase the dog” isn’t always a fun (or safe) family game to play? The front door was left open? You have several guests leaving including their toddler who insists on walking (“I do! I do!”) very slowly through the door all by her/himself? Not a problem.

“Fido, Place”

Your dog will come home responsive to your “come” and “place” command. What a great dog!! Please see the video below to follow Motek’s progress from Associates Degree to Bachelors Degree!

Stay tuned for more training videos! This page is currently being updated to include more details about each level of training.

Please inquire if you are interested in learning more about these training programs. Please text me (Kim) at 774-452-5567 to schedule a time to talk.