My Philosophy

Kim and Rocky Hammock

Hi and thank you for visiting Massachusetts Bernedoodles! My name is Kim and I am the owner of Massachusetts Bernedoodles & Aussiedoodles. I run a highly ethical breeding program with 24/7 puppy and doggie care technicians and 24/7 live puppy cams!

What seems to set me apart from other breeders is that all of my dogs are raised and live in a doggie daycare type of environment! They watch TV, run around all day in the playrooms, have 24/7 care, GI on walks and hikes and live happy doggie lives!

I have also set the limit for the number of litters born from each mom to 4-5 litters total in their lifetime. The standard for ethical breeders ranges 9-12 litters, however, I wouldn’t want to have more than 4-5 pregnancies in my lifetime so why would they?

I feel it’s important to mention the way I run my business because we all know that there are a lot of puppy mills out there. In puppy mills, the dogs are not health tested, are crated or kenneled for the entirety of the day, don’t get to socialize with people or other dogs or run around. They are used for the sole purpose of breeding until they can no longer carry a litter.  The puppies aren’t socialized and most are sick upon arrival or become sick early in their lives.

I was, and you should be, very selective when choosing which breeder to adopt from. Puppy mills are now contacting breeders like myself and saying “I have a litter of tri-colored Bernedoodle puppies and will sell them to you for $600 each. Then you can sell them for whatever you want!” The mills know most people don’t want a puppy mill puppy so now they do most of their business through the unethical “in-home” breeders who buy from them and sell to unsuspecting families. It disgusts me and I would never do business with a puppy mill. How do you know? Because you’ll have access to the 24-7 live puppy cam from the time the puppies are born until they come home with you at 8-9 weeks old. If there are 8 puppies born in a litter then there will always be 8 puppies on the live puppy cam beginning on day 1.

I health test every mother and father dog prior to breeding. This includes OFA or PennHip for Hips and Elbows, PawPrint (or GenSol) for genetic testing and they must also pass a breeding wellness exam from my licensed veterinarian.

img_0388   Future fur-baby parents are welcome to visit my home by appointment, meet the parents and see the loving environment that my parent dogs and their puppies live in. In addition, as mentioned above, should you choose to adopt one of my fur babies, when the puppy from your litter is born, you are given access to a LIVE 24/7 Puppy Cam! This allows you to see what happens behind the scenes, day & night, from the day they are born until you bring them home. Complete transparency, entertainment & a healthy addiction all in one!

A little about me: I decided to start breeding Bernedoodles because I instantly fell in love with their teddy bear look, non-shedding coats, the variety of colors and patterns they come in, their intelligence & loyalty and the fact they don’t go through the crazy hyper phase most puppies go through! Currently, I am breeding Standard, Mini & Tiny/micro sized Bernedoodle puppies.

Since the time I was in grade school, I knew that one day I would become a breeder because I love dogs so much! I want to share this wonderful Bernedoodle breed with other dog lovers because they are great for families, couples and/or singles, they are easy-going, affectionate, smart and low to non-shedding.

soley and RosieBernedoodle & Goldendoodle puppies typically inherit the best traits of both the Standard Poodle and Bernese Mountain Dog or Golden Retriever. Standard Poodles are very intelligent, easy to train, energetic, non-shedding. When fully grown, Standard Bernedoodles will weigh between 45-80lbs (refer to the parents sizes to narrow it down), Mini’s between 30-45lbs and Micro/Tiny Bernedoodles between 20-30 lbs. with females usually at the lower end of the spectrum. The mature weight, health & temprement of a puppy is related directly to the parents. Therefore, I try to speak only for the Bernedoodles coming from my home vs. Bernedoodles in general.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are described as good-natured and calm. They love the outdoors and especially love hiking! They are strong, loyal & intelligent pets. Fully grown, the Bernese Mountain dog weighs between 85-110 lbs with females being on the lower end of the spectrum. When cross breeding a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Standard poodle, you get Bernedoodles with traits such as high intelligence, easy to train, strength, good-natured, fun-loving and loyal family dog -BUT without the shedding! In general, doodles are considered the best option for most people with allergies.