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Kim and Rocky Hammock

Hi and thank you for visiting my Bernedoodle & Goldendoodle site! My name is Kim and I am the owner of Massachusetts Bernedoodles & Goldendoodles. I run a small in-home breeding program consisting of 1 female Bernedoodle named “Ramble on Rosie” (or Rosie for short), 2 Standard Poodles named “Trouble” & “Mazzie Star”, 3 Bernese Mountain Dog females named Dutch, Stella & Monique and 1 male Bernedoodle named “Rocky Raccoon” (or Rocky) for short. All of my dogs live in my home, watch TV with me at night, sleep in my room or my kids rooms, come to work with me almost every day, play at local dog parks with other dogs, run around the yard and live happy doggie lives! In addition to the dogs that live with me in my home, I also have guardian homes which are partnership families who are given my pick-of-the-litter (usually one from each litter) to raise as their own. When the puppy has matured and has passed all of the health checks, they become the next generation of mama or papa dogs! This ensures that each and every member of my program lives a happy life free from over crowding and over breeding. Currently, there are guardian homes for 2 males standard poodle studs (Sir Henry Sterling & Sargent Pepper), 1 Mini Bernedoodle stud (Milo), 1 Standard Bernedoodle stud (Axl Rose), 1 Micro and 2 Mini Bernedoodle future mama’s (Oh Golly Miss Molly, Sugaree and Macy) & 1 Standard Bernedoodle mama (Demi).Rocky rosie playing


I mention this because I know that there are “puppy mills” out there where the dogs are crated or kenneled most of the day, don’t get to socialize with people or other dogs or run around. They are used for the sole purpose of breeding until they can no longer carry a litter.  The puppies usually aren’t socialized and many are unhealthy upon arrival or become sick early in their lives. I was, and you should be, very selective when choosing which breeder to adopt from. Clients or potential clients are welcome to visit my home, meet the parents and see the loving environment that my parent dogs and their puppies live in. In addition, should you choose to adopt one of my fur babies, when the puppy from your reserved puppy-pick spot is born, you are given access to a LIVE 24/7 Puppy Cam! This allows you to see what happens behind the scenes, day & night, from the day they are born until you bring them home.

I decided to start breeding Bernedoodles because I first fell in love with Goldendoodles. When one of my beloved Goldendoodles, Piper, passed away unexpectedly I decided after a while that it was time for another pet. While searching for Goldendoodle puppies, I stumbled upon Bernedoodles and instantly fell in love with their teddy bear look, non-shedding coats and the variety of colors and patterns they come in. Currently, I am breeding Standard & Mini size Bernedoodles, however, beginning Summer 2019 I will also be breeding micro/tiny Bernedoodles!

Since the time I was in grade school, I knew that one day I would become a breeder because I love dogs so much! I want to share this wonderful Bernedoodle breed with other dog lovers because they are great for families, couples and/or singles, they are easy-going, affectionate, smart and low to non-shedding.

soley and RosieBernedoodle & Goldendoodle puppies typically inherit the best traits of both the Standard Poodle and Bernese Mountain Dog or Golden Retriever. Standard Poodles are very intelligent, easy to train, energetic, non-shedding. When fully grown, Standard Bernedoodles usually weigh between 45-70 lbs, Mini’s between 25-45lbs and Micro/Tiny Bernedoodles between 15-25 lbs. with females usually at the lower end of the spectrum. Bernese Mountain Dogs are described as good-natured and calm. They love the outdoors and especially love hiking or pulling the kids in the wagon. They are strong, loyal & intelligent pets. Fully grown, the Bernese Mountain dog weighs between 85-110 lbs with females being on the lower end of the spectrum. When cross breeding a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Standard poodle, you get Bernedoodles with traits such as high intelligence, easy to train, strength, good-natured, fun-loving and loyal family dog -BUT without the shedding! In general, doodles are considered the best option for most people with allergies.