Contact Us and Travel FAQ’s

July 21, 2023

Contact: Kim at or call/Text Kim at 774-452-5567. Click HERE for the adoption application.

Calling California! We Personally Deliver our Bernedoodles to San Francisco for $125, which is the cost to fly in the cabin with me!

Uncertain about which list you’d like to be on based on your color and size preferences? No problem! Click HERE to find out! Then proceed to the application.

“A Gentle Reminder”

Both the adoption applicationand depositare needed to hold your place on the waitlist.

Once your deposit is received, we will send you a confirmation email within 12-24 hrs (probably sooner). The Confirmation Email will contain veryimportant information including the many ways to stay up to date!

Our Bernedoodle and Goldendoodle Puppies range between $6500-$7000 (size dependent) plus MA 6.25% tax. POL premiums are not included in this price. The $500 deposit does, however, come off the price of your puppy on Gotcha Day!

Pictured above.. Harper! She is a Brindle Tri-Colored F1 Standard Bernedoodle! Check out this page for the various colors Bernedoodles come in and the coordinating waitlist!

What is the Best way to reach a Live Human with extensive knowledge of Bernedoodles and Goldendoodles?

Call or Text Kim at 774-452-5567 to have all of your questions answered or text me to schedule a time to chat! You may also email me at for the upcoming availability document.

Do you want to interview me for a blog, magazine or podcast?

Well, that’s amazing! Thank you! I love contributing to the conversations around anything/everything dog breeding, health screening, the variety of “doodle” breeds and their differences, what the categories of dog breeders, canine pregnancy, raising puppies from birth, socialization of dogs, training employees, puppy training, COVID’s impact on dog breeding, entrepreneurial topics, women owned businesses, branding, leadership and creativity!

How will I know when my puppy is due to arrive?

Great Question! Once your puppy arrives, you’ll receive a birth announcement email which contains a lot of great information! This will give you two months to prepare while you enjoy the epic journey from birth to take home (or training!) via the live 24/7 puppy camera!

Included in this email will be an invitation to a separate announcement board, specific to your puppy. On puppy pick day (aka “Gotcha Day”) the litter specific announcement board will be updated in real time so you’ll know which puppies will be available to choose from when it’s your turn!

Proud Owner and CEO:

Kimberly Clinton


Director and CFO:

Ted Jones


We will personally deliver your puppy anywhere in the US with our very own MBD employees for a fee. The fee is determined by how long the transport will take from Ashby, MA to your home or nearest airport.

We won’t ever hire a 3rd party to drive or fly your puppy home for Three Main Reasons;

1. Often they’re transported with several puppies/dogs from unknown breeders. With 3rd party drivers, it will often take several days to a week to arrive. This is because they drop off and pick up other puppies from unknown breeders and from all around the country. Puppies transported by a 3rd party will usually arrive very dehydrated so the transporter doesn’t have to stop multiple times for potty breaks.

2. When puppies are transported by a 3rd party, they often arrive sick, having caught something contagious from another breeder’s puppy in transit or from potty breaks along the way. Parasites, Respiratory illnesses and/or worse. It’s just not worth it to take any chances!

3. Flying a puppy in the belly of a plane is never a good idea because it’s scary, they can be subjected to temperatures too high or too low, the cargo area could loose cabin pressure, the flight could be delayed, a layover could result in a lost puppy (which would be really really bad) and your puppy would be flying with several other, unknown, animals potentially posing a significant health risk.

Flying a dog/puppy in cargo should only be done for international flights and only where flying in the cabin isn’t an option due to the size of your puppy. Even in these cases, we follow them very closely from beginning to end and work very closely with the coordinating international agency. On international flights, if your puppy will fit into a pet carrier, they will be allowed to fly in the cabin with you in most cases.

Please check the with the customs agency to find out about any/all regulations in your country. Please also check the airline regulations for specific and up-to-date pet travel requirements.

The majority of MBD customers are located in the US and it’s our pleasure to see your puppy arrive safely at home, with you!

We work way too hard to drop the ball at the very end of your epic journey! No way!

Most families really enjoy the puppy pick experience after the epic journey of watching their puppy develop via the live 24/7 puppy cameras over the 8 week period between birth and take home. It’s so much better to come pick out your puppy, in person, on Gotcha Day. However, for our clients who live farther away or are unable to make the trip to Massachusetts, we will make sure s/he makes it safely to you! If you’re flying home with your puppy, please see our FAQ page for travel tips!

What if I want to enroll my puppy in your Board and Training program(s) but I live too far away to make the trip again, after training has been completed?

If you live far away and are enrolling your puppy in training, we can have a virtual Gotcha Day followed by an in-person pick up or we can have an in-person Gotcha Day followed by a special delivery by an MBD employee. If you’re unable to travel at all, we offer virtual puppy picks and personal delivery as well. We have you covered at MBD!

Our very own MBD employees are able and willing to travel with your puppy straight to you! White Glove Delivery Service brought to you, personally, by Massachusetts Bernedoodles and Goldendoodles!


Airports within 1-2 hours in order of distance to my home in Ashby, MA include:

1. Boston Logan International Airport is 1.5 hours away if your flight lands before 2PM or after 7PM. Rush hour traffic from Boston is from 6-9AM and 3-7PM Monday-Friday. Add an additional hour to travel during these times. Most people will fly in the day before puppy pick day and stay at a hotel in Fitchburg, MA (see below)

2. Worcester Regional Airport (Jetblue! Free parking!) located in Worcester, MA is 1 hour away

3. Manchester Regional Airport located in Manchester, NH is 48 mins

4. Bradly International Airport is located in in Hartford, CT and is 2 hours from Ashby, MA

5. T.F Green Airport is located in Providence, RI which is 2 hours from Ashby, MA

Local Hotels

Fitchburg/Leominster, MA are 10-20 minutes away from Ashby, MA

  • Marriott Hotels
  • The Great Wolf Lodge (indoor water park!)