Guardian Home Program

Updated August 4, 2022

Featuring Buttons and her newborn puppies with her guardian family! It’s the best!

Welcome to my Guardian Home page! As you can see, we have an amazing group of families with one thing in common; They are all MBD Guardians! We have formed an amazing village of the best families to raise, love and nurture the Best of the Best! The Pick of the Litter! For Free! And they love it! With 24/7 access to our facilities, they are a part of the MBD family. We are very selective and only want what’s best for our girls. But don’t be shy! It’s your character that matters most!

Here at MBD, we don’t believe in the utilization of traditional kennel runs. It causes too much stress for dogs and it is no way for any dog to live. This is why we have our very own MBD doggie daycare with several large playrooms and a fantastic Guardian Home Program. The doggie daycare is for when parents come here to honeymoon then again 1 week prior to whelping (birthing) for their pre-whelp preparation and for when they’re weaning their puppies and want to play play play!

I’m Trey! I’m a male AKC registered (small) Standard Poodle and will be the future dad to F1 and F1b Standard Bernedoodles! I’m super smart, friendly and love being snuggled. I’m also available to a loving Guardian home!

The guardians form our MBD family and raise, love and nurture our past, present and future parent dogs! They are all top picks of their litters. They represent both ideal beauty and temperament with health being paramount. After all, they will be our future parents! All of our pups will retire with their guardians before they reach 5-6 yrs old. We have a robust Guardian Program because each mom has a maximum of 4 litters which means every two years, there is “a changing of the guards” so to speak. 2022 is one of those years and we have many moms and one dad retiring with their Guardians and many future moms and dads being placed! It’s a win win win!

Hi! I’m Patsy, one of Charlie’s Angels and I’m F1 Standard Bernedoodle! My sister, Dolly, and I are looking for our guardian home! You’ll love it!
Patsy’s Video!

I have found that this is the best model for dog breeding as it ensures all of our dogs are happy and loved and remain this way. Every dog deserves to be loved as part of a family! We LOVE our guardian families!

Please see the FAQ section below!

We have found over the years that having a robust Guardian home program creates happier and healthier parent dogs. There is no cost for a guardian dog or puppy and we actually reimburse our guardians for many expenses! These details are outlined in the guardian home contract. Yes, you can have more than one Guardian dog too! I highly recommend it.

A guardian home is an individual, couple or family who would like to become a part of the extended MBD family! You would take care of your guardian dog/puppy just as you’d normally care for a dog. Once s/he is old enough to have puppies and has passed all of their health testing, s/he would visit MBD for the “honeymoon” and then return to you. We have special chat groups for our guardian families and consider our Guardians extended family. We LOVE our Guardian Homes!

Males: Our boys only visit for “honeymoons” and/or sometimes to meet customers who would like to meet the parents on his puppies “Gotcha Day”. Males have a 7 year contract. Once fulfilled, we would have him neutered and he would retire with his guardians furever!

Females: For our girls, which make up 95% of our guardian program, they would visit MBD for their 1st “honeymoon” around 1.5-2.5 years old. They return 4 weeks later for an ultrasound (which you can stay for!) and go home with you on the same day. Then they return again for whelping (birthing) one week prior to their due date and she would stay for 8 weeks with her puppies. She would come home once her puppies have been weaned which happens naturally once they all have their little razor sharp puppy teeth! Our guardians are welcome to visit their grandpuppies anytime and can even learn how to whelp puppies!

Guardians are always more than welcome to visit at any time and to learn how to whelp puppies, if they would like! Just like MBD customers, you would also have access to our live 24/7 puppy cameras as well! It’s Transparent, Educational and entertaining! They would be your grandpuppies after all! After she has had a maximum of 4 litters, some less/none depending on Mother Nature, we pay for her spayed and she is retired with her guardians furever.

We have a very close group of MBD Guardians! We communicate as a group on our group channel and also by individual guardian on private chats. The individual groups consist of the guardian, myself, our Director of Reproductive Medicine, Operations Manager and Customer Excellence Manager so we can communicate easily. The group chat consists of ALL guardian families so we can share our experiences and, of course, puppies!

I’m a Mini Female and I’m about 8 weeks old!


Who should I contact if I’m interested in becoming an MBD Guardian Home?

Contact Kim or Elisa at and fill out the adoption application on my website and indicate that you’d like to be a considered for our Guardian Home Program in the last question.

Are they house trained and do they have basic obedience?

All of our adolescent and adults are house trained, enjoy sleeping in their crates at night and have basic obedience training, unless you’re getting an 8 week old puppy! For the younger puppy placements, guardians are responsible for house, crate and basic obedience training.

Can we choose to be a guardian for a puppy or an adult?

As long as there are adults available for guardianship and it’s a good fit between our dog(s) and you/your family, yes, you can choose to guardian an adult dog. Currently we have a few adolescent Bernese Mountain Dogs available for guardian homes!

What is involved in the process of becoming a guardian family?

Great question! We throughly vet each Guardian home to make sure only the very best care will be given to our dogs. The process involves an application, video submission introducing your family, home and property and, finally, the guardian home contract.

The guardian home contract specifies both MBD’s and the guardian homes responsibilities, the length of the contract and other details regarding standard of care. The standard of care section outlines things like vet visits, food type, preventative care for heart worms, fleas and especially ticks, grooming and some other rules which are more considered “common sense” such as never leaving a dog in a hot or cold vehicle.

Do I have to own a house/apartment to be considered?

Yes, you do have to own a home/apartment. However, exceptions can be made depending on the circumstances. You would need to commit to staying within a 1.5 hour drive of our location in Ashby, MA for the duration of the contract.

What is the cost of the puppy/dog?

We don’t charge any fee’s for our guardian puppy/dog(s). Our goal is to find the best candidates regardless of cost. Your only costs would be for the routine care of your guardian dog such as grooming, food, vet pet insurance through the AKC and routine wellness visits. We take care of all pregnancy related veterinary care, their spay/neuter and any pregnancy related vitamins.

Do we need to have a fenced in yard?

We don’t require you to have a fenced in yard.

How can we contact you for more information?

If you’re interested in learning more about our Guardian home program:

1. Please reach out to Elisa or Kim

2. Please fill out the adoption application on my website at and indicate that you’d like to be considered for our Guardian Home Program in the last question.

Here are some of our Guardian Dogs already placed with their loving Guardian Families!