4.3 A Virtual Tour

Welcome to Massachusetts Bernedoodles and Goldendoodles LLC. Pictured above, left to right, the main house is on the left, our Daycare and MBD University is next to the main house and the Nursery is attached to the bigger barn, behind 2nd row of trees. We do offer tours, by appointment!

Above, one of our new outdoor play areas!

Exclusive to MBD customers, we are the only completely transparent breeder nationwide to offer 8 full weeks of live streaming access to our live 24/7 puppy cams! We also host tours to customers on the waitlist by appointment! The quality of care given to our dogs and puppies is yours to see once your puppy is born, all the way through to “Gotcha Day” at 8 weeks old. There’s no guessing as to your pups life experience between 0-8 weeks old because you get to see it all in real time, live, ANYtime of the day or night. We are proud of our work here at MBD and we would love for you to be an active part of the journey to bringing your new fur baby home.

Our Story…

In 2019, MBD made the move to Old Elm Farm, a turn of the century, antique farm located in Ashby, MA. My vision has always been to be the best, most loving and ethical breeder in the US and part of that vision was to build an environment for our parents dogs that resembled a high end doggie daycare but just for MBD dogs. We took these two beautiful antique barns, which were used for dairy cows and hay storage back in in the late 1700’s, and went from this…

(The Before video is above)

to this! CLICK THE LINK!


Click the link above to see what it looks like now! AMAZING! Notice there was no ceiling before, there were no playrooms and just regular barn flooring. We also installed a complete heat/AC system for temperature control, new electric and plumbing too! Please see more photos below!

The Nursery..

The Daycare and Training Facility!

We spent 2.5 years refurbishing these historical, turn of the century barns into what is now Massachusetts Bernedoodles (MBD)! From floor to ceiling, and with the help of Marc Bigwood from The Crack Of Dawn construction, MBD is now a state of the art facility where every dog and puppy is comfortable, healthy and happy.

Take a tour inside Massachusetts Bernedoodles! We have nearly completed the restoration of these beautiful antique barns, one from 1787 and the other from the early 1800’s. Once used for hay and dairy cows at the turn of the century, these barns have been transformed into grand play spaces for our parent dogs and a cozy nursery for our moms and puppies. We are truly blessed with talented employees and students, dubbed “The MBD Dream Team”. With unparalleled commitment and 24/7 dedication, we lovingly care for our MBD fur family and raise healthy, well socialized bernedoodle fur babies. Please click this YouTube link to take a tour!


and a view from above of our beautiful MBD property!

Together with the “MBD Dream Team” we are so truly grateful and proud to provide our dogs and puppies with the a happy, playful environment! We are also grateful that YOU chose MBD for your next or new Fur-Babies! We look forward to offering tours to our customers once Covid-19 is better controlled. Stay safe and be well!

Thank you,

Kim and The MBD Dream Team

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