Where Am I on the Waitlist?

Here at MBD, we do our very best to be transparent in every aspect from the 24/7 live puppy cameras to where you are on the waitlist.

Once your deposit is placed, you will receive a confirmation email which will include important information about future communications. Then, when your puppy is born, you will receive a birth announcement email with even more great information. Please take the time to read both emails all the way to the end. Many folks find it’s easier to print out these documents. Between the emails and this website, most of your questions will be answered.

To get on the waitlist, the first step is to email PuppyInquiries@MAbernedoodles.com and look for a google doc link in the auto reply. This is the link to upcoming availability. Next, fill out the puppy adoption application and be sure to indicate which list you’d like to join in the last space provided on the form. You would then submit your deposit and your confirmation email will be sent within 2 business days. In your confirmation email, there will be another link to a google doc with the full waitlist for each category and a suggested list of items to get ready for your puppy! Your initials and town will be added to this document within two business days so you can easily track your progress while having your identities preserved. There will also be information in the confirmation email about two additional ways to communicate and stay updated on your progress, available to MBD customers exclusively.If you do not see your name on this list after two business days, please email Emily, our Customer Experience Manager, at Emily@mabernedoodles.com or call/text 978-956-4838

If you are having trouble making the initial contact, please be persistent but kind. We are doing our best to keep up with the number of inquiries while making sure our priorities remain with the dogs, puppies and current clients. Once you are an official client, communication becomes much much easier! We are always looking at ways to improve communications and look forward to hearing from you.

**Please note: The Emily@MAbernedoodles.com email is strictly for current clients who have filled out an adoption form, placed a deposit and are on the official waitlist. To inquire about future/upcoming availability, please email PuppyInquiries@MAbernedoodles.com and look for a google doc link in the auto reply.

We look forward to providing you with the best Bernedoodles ever and greatly appreciate every MBD client!

Be Well,

Kim and The MBD Dream Team

(Left to right) Lucy, Opatija, Marley and Sky (on the stair)
Juno and one of her 11 Saint Berdoodle babies February 2021